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100% Nutz

We are a small family business in Auckland, New Zealand that is passionate about offering high quality food. We want to give you the choice of buying good food and experiencing great natural taste while trusting in the quality of our brand.


So the company emerged from simple needs. The need to offer you a great tasting peanut butter, using the highest quality peanuts, grown in Australia and only Made in New Zealand!

We sometimes source the same hi-oleic peanut from Argentina if Australia is in short supply.


Chocolate Peanut Spread! Tastes like a peanut slab.
2012 New Zealand Food Awards Finalist!
This creation came out of pure demand from customers wanting a healthier choice when it came to chocolate spreads.



So why choose 100% Nutz Chocolate Peanut Butter over other chocolate spreads?

  • *200% less sugar
  • *Up to 100% more protein
  • *Up to 500% more nut content
  • No added salt
  • Less than 8 grams saturated fat!
  • Contains 80%, award winning, hi-oleic peanut butter with the balance of NZ Made Donovans 45% dark chocolate.
  • Hand blended and Made in NZ

* Than most chocolate spreads

Available in all leading supermarkets.



Review 1

We were one of the lucky ones that got to try the chocolate peanut butter at first thought it was good smelt good but me personally was not over keen on this one as I’m more use to sweet peanut butters and this was a bit bitter for my taste but the kids just loved it and have just finished the tub last week and asked for some more so that’s a great sign and I will be getting some in the next shop.

I also did find it did dry out quite quick even after stirring it before each use I think this may have something to do with the lid as I had trouble making sure it was on correctly each time would prefer if was in a screw top jar but other than that its a great peanut butter my kids loved.

Thanks 100% Nuts for giving us the chance to try

Review 2

We got to try The chocolate Peanut Butter, Was not really for my liking but was ok. My girls aged 5 and 7 seemed to like it, I think mainly because it was Chocolate. I would buy again if my girls asked for some. Love how it is made in New Zealand!!

Thanks MumsReview and 100% Nuts.

Review 3

We tried the chocolate peanut butter, and we all really liked it. It was kind of like eating a peanutty chocolate bar. I did think the mixture was a little bit dry which made it hard to spread, but I guess this was good as it meant it wasnt too full of yucky oils. On toast it was fine, just really fresh bread was hard. The kids asked for more, so you know it tastes good when they are asking for more! I liked the way it was like a crunchy peanut butter rather than a smooth chocolate spread, which gave it texture and more flavour. I enjoyed the flavour and didnt find it too sweet or bitter but just right.

But then I really like peanuts and chocolate together… whats not to love… for me the only thing missing is the caramel and then you have a real party (opps thats naughty)!


  1. Hi there,
    Where can I buy this product from, I went to the food show in Christchurch last year and fell in love with it, and would like some more.
    Please can you help me

    Thanks Jane Scott

    • Hey Jane

      I’m not able to get full information at present as I’m not at home, but on going to their website http://www.100percentnutz.com/ it states that their peanut butters are now in the Mother Earth containers, but remain the same great product.
      These should be available at your local supermarket 🙂

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