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Alison’s Pantry Raw Power

alisonspantryAlison’s Pantry have added a tasty new seed, nut and fruit based blend called Raw Power to their fantastic range. Raw Power mix is a nutrient dense blend of goji berries, raisins, sultanas, coconut chips, Brazil nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hulled buckwheat along with diced dates and apricot pieces.

It is naturally sweetened with real fruit and designed to be eaten for breakfast. It is delicious paired with Greek yoghurt, or Almond milk if you are Paelo inclined, blended into a smoothie or for a nutrient loaded breakfast on the run, or eaten just as it is

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raw-powerRaw Power is:
Naturally gluten free
High in Fiber
High in protein (Plant based)
Full of good fats
Has no added sugars or colours


Presentation 10/10 – looking at the product you get a really good sense of all the different goodies that it contains and you just know it’s going to taste great. It also looks colourful which when you’re talking healthy foods, this isn’t a priority but it really does make it all look more appealing

Flavour 10/10 – With a lot of different textures and flavours they all offset each other rather well but if you feel like picking out a select favourite, they’re a nice and ‘clean’ option to be able to sort through. Plus, knowing that you can have a tasty snack that is so much more healthier than grabbing a chocolate bar, just has to be a good option for a busy family.
Obviously it’s not something you’d give young children, but my 7 year old twins will happily munch on this

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