Annies -food you trust hand-makes 100% natural fruit leather, air-dries local apples and supplies a sweet range of natural sugar replacements.

Annies yummy hunger busters are fat free, gluten free, yeast, dairy and nut free. We add no sugar, flavours or preservatives and use fruit pulp (not concentrate). Annies chooses only ingredients and suppliers we trust, so we can make food you trust.

Check out the whole range – 100% Pure Fruit Leathers, Wiggles, Fibre Fruit, Veggie Bar, Natural Sweet natural sugar replacements, teeth-friendly gum and mints, and Chocolate Fruit.


Annies fruit leather is simply 100% pure fruit, which has been pulped and air-dried. Each 30g bar equates to two to three pieces of fruit, and comes in pull-apart layers.
Annies fruit leathers are 100% real fruit and free of fat, gluten, added sugar, yeast and dairy. They are simple, healthy, portable and fun and provide inexpensive servings of natural fruit. As a healthy snack they are ideal for children, athletes, the health conscious and those with specific dietary needs.



We believe the best taste and the best nutrition comes straight from nature. Therefore, Annies Sweet Apple Rings and Sweet Apple Snaps made from 100% Apple.

– No Added Sugar
– No Preservatives
– No Sulphur
– Gluten Free
– Fat Free

100% natural. No added sugar. No preservatives. No concentrates. Gluten Free.


Review 1 – Annies Fruit Leathers

These have Wiggled their way into my kids lunchboxes and are a great treat.
They love the flavours and the wiggle of the fruit strip.
The Berryfruit seems to be the popular one out of the two flavour wise.
Another great fruit leather by Annie’s.
Packaging is bright and cheerful with the name “wiggles” clearly seen.
Clear panels show the product which is always a good idea especially if you haven’t tried them before

Review 2 – Annies Fruit Leathers

I had the chance to offer these to my twins a while back and in all honesty we have never looked back.

We have troubles sometimes getting foods into one of our twins in particular, let alone healthy foods so being able to offer a tasty ‘treat’ that offers 100% pure fruit was absolutely amazing.

A while back the same twin got quite sick with a virus and the one and only thing she wanted to eat were the Annies Wiggles bars and I was more than happy to provide them. I believe it helped to keep what little energy she did have, going and meant that she was getting at least something in her

These come in two flavours, both which are extremely tasty and easy to eat but I did find that one twin preferred one flavour, and the other twin preferred the other flavour which has meant we have to buy both flavours to keep the household happy, but I definately don’t have a problem with that.

A great lunchbox filler that will be popular with everyone

Review 3 – Annies Natural Dried Apple

Was keen to try these as have a child who has constraints on some foods and these would be perfect for the lunchbox. Apple Snaps-Really enjoyed the crunchy taste of sweet apple with these.Perfect for the lunchbox and a snack after school. Small chip style pieces of apple to munch through while enjoying the great apple taste. Apple rings-Wasn’t to fussed on these.Did not enjoy the texture and there was very little of the actual apple taste.

Packaging is colourful and easy to read.The little clear panel shows the actual product inside which i think is a great idea. Would buy the Apple snaps.

Review 4 – Annies Natural Dried Apple

I tried the apple rings first, and fell in love – though a little bit “rubbery” I thought these tasted really nice, weren’t filled with artificial flavours and made a delicious, healthy snack in my work lunch. The apple taste didn’t come through as stong as other dried apple I’ve had however I liked that I could still take fruit with me, but have a change from taking “fresh fruit.” Which I love anyway, but was just nice to have a change. However, I have to say the apple snaps were my favourite – I loved that they were individually wrapped in foil to keep them fresh and crisp. They too made a lovely snack in my work lunch, instead of having chippies – I could have these. Miss 5 took them as well too school twice and the second morning said to me “They were crunchy like real apple!” – And I felt good being able to say well that’s because they are real apple! It meant that she was able to also have a healthy snack which wasn’t filled with unnatural sugars and sweeteners and all those things they say not to give kids.

Annies; You have made my work lunch and the kids school lunch a lot more healthier without taking away all the nice tasting stuff! Now, the big question; Would I buy these. I most definetly would.Apple rings-Wasn’t to fussed on these.Did not enjoy the texture and there was very little of the actual apple taste.

Packaging is colourful and easy to read.The little clear panel shows the actual product inside which i think is a great idea. Would buy the Apple snaps.

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  1. I stock up on Annies Fruit leather every chance I get. I usually order directly from their website (they have seconds sales) and they are so good and much better value! I can make up my own packs as well, and dont mind the little imperfections. My absolute favorite product of theirs is the apple snaps! I thought they would be a little bit soft and chewy but they are super crispy and delicious. I dont really like the chewy natural dried apple.

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