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Ant Man Collector Box

A few weeks back I decided to check out a company called Marvel Collector Corps. It looked kind of interesting (when it’s Marvel, how can it not be) and gave the option to increase our Pop Vinyl collection with characters that we were both interested in, plus other Marvel bits that we just wouldn’t get elsewhere.
I decided to purchase the August box, much to the delight of my husband who had been wanting to get involved from the start, and had been talking about these ‘geek boxes’ in an effort to get me involved and wanting to buy them. Well it didn’t take much convincing, but unbeknown to my husband, I also back ordered the previous first two boxes and decided to see if I could keep it a secret.
Well the Antman Collector Box turned up yesterday so I hid it away until the kids were in bed . I should add that this was extremely difficult to do, as every inch of me was dying to open the box, but I also wanted to do it when I could have the time (and peace) to take in every aspect of the box.
So evening came…….the kids were in bed………and we were comfortably watching Thor on TV. I popped down to my office and came back with the Ant Man Box. Casually passed it to my husband and watched his face light up.
In hindsight, we should have taken photos but we were excited and just wanted to see what was in the box. Although we knew the basics of what we would find, we also knew that there were two different Ant-Man Mystery Mini Blind Boxes in there, and with 4 in total being available, we wanted to know which 2 we had . Offered are masked Ant-Man (the silver and the black suit), Yellow Jacket, and Hank Pym unmasked. Personally I was hoping for Yellow Jacket and the Black Suited Ant-Man.



And so the box was opened. The first thing you see on opening is a Marvel Collector Corp pin and fabric patch with Ant-Man’s face and the Collector Corp logo on them. These are pretty awesome, and are a great start to the box.


Then you get to the inside of the box, WOW !! The packaging is collectable on it’s own, with Ant-Man comic artwork featuring, and it’s bloody awesome. I think it’s great that they haven’t just packaged everything up in just a plain old box. Big thumbs up.




OK now lets be honest, the Pop Vinyl is  one of the features, that we all can’t wait to see, and it’s just freakin awesome. The Ant-Man Vinyl Bobble Head also comes with smallest bobble head miniature figure as an awesome extra and is a very welcome addition to our collection.




Then we come to our Mystery Mini Bobble Heads….
Mark opened one, and I opened one, I mean we have to share after all. My Mystery Mini was Hank Pym unmasked, and Mark got the Yellow Jacket, so one of my two preferences was received, and well they’re both really great so no complaints here.
Next we come to the T/Shirt. Nice and roomy (I got the bigger size), it was a cool Black Tee with the Ant-Man logo and an image of Ant-Man, with the words ‘Actual Size’  written. Although essentially just a black T-shirt, it is very well made in a good quality heavier fabric than usual. Also the graphics printed on the shirt seem to be of a much higher quality than some of the iron on ones you find are more common these days.



Last, but definitely not least, comes the comic. Ant-Man #5 Variant Edition. As this book is issue 5 you aren’t going to be seeing the origin story of Ant Man, in fact you almost seem to come into a story that is more towards the end of it’s telling and this is a little side note in it. However it is a good read and it it an exclusive so no complaints from me.




All in all it’s a bloody awesome box of goodies and I’m extremely happy with it, and looking forward to future boxes.
I also can’t wait for the Age of Ultron box to turn up as well……so stay tuned



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