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Armageddon Hamilton 2014 Review

Armageddon 2014
If you had told me a few years ago that I would be attending an Expo like Armageddon, I probably would have laughed at you. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a big fan of anything fantasy or sci fi, and although I’m not as big on the gaming as many others, I do enjoy a great game, especially if it’s an RPG, but things like this are for the geeks and nerds. At least that is what I USED to think !! My first Armageddon I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I went into the event with eyes (and mind) wide open and I guess that is how I’ve continued at every Armageddon Expo I have been to since. The people were as varied as the costumes they wore and far from the ‘geeks’ I had imagined, everyone was totally normal and in fact really interesting. They just had one thing in common – their love of all that was contained within the Expo.


Comics: Many of us have grown up with the characters we read about in comic books. It was the first time our imaginations came to life in the pictures we could see on the page. We have watched our favourite characters be joined by the likes of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh and many many more new characters that are emerging all the time.

Cartoons: Cartoons come in where comics leave off, breathing more personality and life into the different characters that appear on our screens. And for the first time, the characters have a voice.

TV and Movie Stars: All I can say is WOW. Meeting that character that you’ve watched throughout their tv/movie history and having the chance to shake their hand, have your photo taken, or just generally say hi, is an amazing feeling. These people that you’ve admired from afar for their acting abilities, are finally in front of you and this is where Armageddon has opened many doors for the ‘normal’ person who would never have the chance of this opportunity.

Special Events: Gosh I don’t know where to start with these. SPFX competitions, Zombie Alleys, Ice-Cream eating competitions and so much more. I love watching the likes of Body FX create creatures, face art and special FX and could watch it for hours to see the object of their attentions come to life.

Armageddon 2014 brought with it all the goodies that we have experienced before with some new things I hadn’t seen, and I always find it’s great to see peoples ideas and visions coming to life.
As usual, some of the costumes were quite simply amazing and left you wondering how on earth they managed to get their costumes THAT good. And like many people, we walked away wondering just what ‘we’ could do for next years….I guess we’ll have to work on that.
Hamilton hosted names from such shows as Stargate, Supernatural, Arrow, The Hobbit, Percy Jackson just to name a few. The highlight for me, on a personal level was to have the opportunity to attend a forum with Christopher Judge.

Chris plays the part of Teal’c on the iconic Stargate program, and has been a favourite of mine since the program started many moons ago. It was so great to meet the man who put personality into the Jaffa warrior that we all came to know and love.
He was so funny and we discovered how he really wants to get onto the Big Bang Theory one day….so if anyone knows anyone 😉




There were great kiwi authors on hand to show off their newest creations, including Russell Meeks who’s first book The Madness of Hallen (book 1 in the Khalada Stone series) was extremely well received. Russell was onhand to show of book 2 in the series – A Brother’s Bond.







Another NZ author that was in attendance was the amazing Victoria.L Dreyer. Author of the Survivors series – link here, she is an amazing lady with a view for an equally amazing story.






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One of the stands that caught my eye was the remarkable Static Creature stand. Sarah is an amazingly talented lady and I totally fell in love with her Silver Fluff Doll (pictured above). Of course I had to come home and look at more of her work, and I just can’t believe what she has created.


Or…..if you’re looking for more amazing artwork, you could check out Chalk Dragon. This lovely lady had some seriously AWESOME artwork that I know many of you will love. I wish I’d taken more individual photos of the artwork to show you, but wow there was just so much to see. My advice would be check out her facebook page to see the great work she does



Anyhow, all in all it was an amazing Expo yet again and I can’t wait for the next one (roll on Auckland).
Armageddon isn’t just for the geeks, it’s for people like you and me. It’s the chance to showcase you’re imagination and your passions. The opportunity for those with a common interest to unite and generally have a great time.
Please make sure you check out our pictures HERE and let us know about your experience at the Expo

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