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Auckland Armageddon 2014

After bracing the Saturday crowds last year at Armageddon, this year we decided to leave it until the the Sunday and Monday to bravely go where thousands have gone before. The excitement had been building over the months with the various people that were going to be in attendance, and of course some of the events that were happening throughout the days.

When the announcement came that the one and only Richard Dean Anderson was going to be attending the Auckland event, I think it was a cause  of excitement for many many people around New Zealand. It’s well known that Richard isn’t a huge fan of attending events like this and values his privacy a great deal, but I know that I for one, was extremely happy that one of my tv heroes was going to be there.
The day of Hamilton departure came and we set off early in anticipation of an amazing few days
We arrived well before opening, but in time to get a good seat for the screening of Series 1, Episode 1 of Stargate. Although we’ve already seen this before, it was about to set the mood for all that was to come.

Honestly there were so many highlights for me this year that it’s impossible to pinpoint just one or two. Not only was there people from our favourite programs but there was also some great things to see/do, amazing people to meet and I could have sat all day watching the amazing people from Body FX.

We attended a few of the panels, but unfortunately when you have something on such a huge scale, you are always going to miss something, or you will find a few of your favourite things on at the same time.
One of my definate highlights was attending the panel of Terry Brooks, Robert Rankin and Russell Meeks. I had personally never heard of Robert Rankin and was attending the panel to see the awesome Terry Brooks, but I was so pleased I had taken the time. Robert was absolutely hysterical and you can see why he writes. The man has so many stories to tell, and has such a fantastic way of telling them that he had us all in fits of laughter and I think Terry and he offset each other rather well. It was well worth attending and introduced me to yet another author with tales to tell.

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Body FX  continously astound me with the work that they do and this year was no exception. The passion that these people put into their work is just nothing short of fabulous and I can’t believe that someone can create what they do.
This time around I got to see some of the creations from the start and then see the end result, I just wish I’d been able to take more photos, but everyone was watching and I didn’t want to get in everyones way. However I did capture some of the creations and these were some of my favourites

S0790375R S0730348R S0433136R S0373113R

S0023005R S0153048R








Then of course there was the panel with Richard Dean Anderson, having our photo with him, and getting his autograph. We did this on the Monday as I hoped that lines would be smaller, but no, Richard was in demand each and every day of Armageddon.
Actually at this point I want to say a HUGE thank you to Armageddon Staff. With the thousands of people that went through the event, when I couldn’t find my tickets for having our photo/autograph done, they were just so helpful. They told us how we could get the ticket number etc and get the token released, which was just amazing. Luckily we found the tickets – so crisis averted but I still wanted to mention how amazing they were .



So meeting Richard…..what a lovely man, he had a smile for everyone and I just wish (like so many others) that I’d had 5 minutes to talk to him. But, I did have my photo taken with him to add to my Stargate photos.


While we’re talking about photos, we decided to bite the bullet and get into the ‘feel’ of the event so spent a minimal amount and got dressed up and had our photo taken. However I have lost the business card of the amazing guys that did this, so I am on the hunt for their name to give them credit. It was awesome and coming from someone who hates having their photo taken, this was a lot of fun


Other highlights for me was the chance to see peoples masterpieces that they have created themselves, and in some instances, to actually see them being created. (please click the photos to see a bigger version)

PaintingThere are some truely talented people around NZ and it’s amazing to see the work that they do. I’m in total awe of people like this as the passion and dedication they put into their work is just fantastic
This creation being painted was at the White Cloud Worlds site and everything about their site was amazing. The man painting and the woman putting her images within a book.




Then there is the INCREDIBLY talented Static Creature. I simply cannot rave enough about their work, and one day……I will have one of their fluffy creature dolls in my home. For now though I have to keep an eye on their facebook page and dream. This photo is of a mask they have done – I cannot WOW it enough. With moving mouth you would never believe this gorgeous dragon creation is made of leather !!


But – if you want to see more of our photos please click this link HERE


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