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Auckland Food Show 2014

Is the must see event for foodies who love the culinary scene that ‘is’ New Zealand.
It is a food lovers paradise within the walls of the ASB Showgrounds and offers so many food experiences, that no one will leave disappointed.
With such a multitude of exhibitors showcasing their goodies from food and drinks – both with and without alcohol (depending on your preference); magazine/media; Kitchenware including some of the most amazing products on the market as well as the opportunity to meet the chefs as they collaborate with local companies and their produce to create masterpieces that will leave you savouring every mouthful.


Our first stop as we took a left turn into the Food Show, was the amazing team of Simon Gault Home Cuisine. The aroma’s that drifted from this stand made it difficult for anyone to walk on by, which of course meant there was a bit of a line. There were several options to try and my suggestion is to try all of them. You wont be disappointed. See more of what we thought HERE




Right next door was Pukara Estate who had so many yummy treats, but for me the highlight was the Balsamic Vinegars and I really did struggle to walk away…in fact I didn’t. I ended up purchasing a couple of the Caramelised vinegars to take home with me. I love Balsamic so could have happily bought a couple of each of the flavours, and who know, I might just have to go buy more.




Meanwhile, my husband was offered the chance to create his own Gimbap at the Consulate of the Republic of Korea. I’m presuming this is the Korean version of Sushi, but either way he was happy to make his own and even happier to be able to take it away with him. Although it didn’t last him particularly long.






Definately another highlight for me was the Shott stand. Many of our readers know how much I love the Shott products, from coffee/hot chocolate syrups, to smoothie syrups and beyond. I could be here all day listing my favourites, but instead I’ll list the ones we bought. The Orange and Lemongrass fruit syrup, the Blueberry and Green Tea fruit syrup, the Tahitian Lime and the Passionfruit. Read More HERE(link to come)




One company in particular I was looking forward to seeing was Fresh As.
Those of you that attended the Food Show, I am sure found your way to this stand and tasted the treats they had on hand. Made up into a yummy treat it had tapioca and yoghurt with a range of their products mixed in which just enhanced the whole experience. My favourite was the raspberries (which I bought 2 of) along with the pineapple (which I also purchased lol) . So far they’ve already graced my breakfast table, but I have other ideas in mind for them…..if they last that long.


Last but not least of my ‘special’ mentions was a company I really didn’t expect to be mentioning. Best Beverage Company. I have seen them in shows before but because I’m not a huge fan of energy drinks etc, I stayed away from the stand. This show though we approached them and Paul definately managed to convince me. Read what we thought HERE



The Food Show this year offered me so much. I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and experience their products. There were new products available, and products that were just new to me. There was the chance to see companies that have become friends to the Family in Focus team and meet even more potential friends.
I tried products I expected the worst from and was proven wrong. I tried products that I’d never experienced before, and loved them. I got to see some great Chef’s in action and to see not only how talented they are, but how much personality they have, and how this progresses into their food creations and reflects a lot about their character.
I had high anticipation about various products and was not disappointed when given the opportunity to try them.
I came home with full bags and enough information to know where to replenish my stocks when they get low.

So now the count is on……52 weeks til the next show !!

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