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Auckland Food Show 2016

Well once again The Auckland Food Show was an outstanding success. Lots of different things to tantalise the senses while giving you the opportunity to try things that you perhaps wouldn’t buy normally, simply because you don’t know if you’ll like them.

This year a couple of my favourite companies were missing, so it was a shame not to have the chance to catch up with them, but in focusing on the positive, it gave me more of a chance to say hi to a few new companies, and boy, some of those companies were pretty amazing

Now the first hall you hit when you walk in is actually Hall 4 and that seems to be where the crowd starts, so we set off down to Hall 1, right down the other end.  It was in this Hall that I came across a couple of companies that really made an impression on me and not only with their products but with the personalities behind the products.

Here is a  couple of highlights from Hall 1



Raglan Coconut Yoghurt has products that you simply NEED to try. We bought 2 bottles of the Mango & Tumeric and they’re not going to last long
Read More  HERE



Bohemein Fresh Chocolates – Jiri (George) Havlik is passionate about his chocolate and seriously you do not want to miss the chance to try them. We spent a bit there, but I am now wishing I’d bought more (yes, I ate all mine once I got home ooops)
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Heilala Vanilla  – You all know my obsession with vanilla so it stands to reason that these guys are a highlight for me. Yes I stocked up on my Vanilla so watch this space for recipes to come.


Another highlight for me (although I wasn’t convinced at the time, was visiting Crawlers – I’m kind of astonished to say that yes….I ate a cricket lol. Not the cricket flour (although I did try it) but an actual cricket. Seriously guys, give it a go, if nothing else, you get to try something you have never tried before and that’s exactly what the Food Show should be about.

West Indies Spice Traders Ltd – I have loved this brand for many a year now and the new product they had out at the show was their Hot Passion Chilli Jam. – OMG a chilli jam with lime and passionfruit and a little bit of a kick to get your day going. I can see us buying more of this in the future.

I did have many other highlights, and unfortunately a couple of low points, but i’ll fill you in a bit more once I get through my photos and get things sorted.
If you’re ever going along to an event like this, go with an open mind and a hungry tummy because you’re going to have the chance to try many different treats.
And most of all have a great time

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