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Auckland Food Show Overview

The Auckland Food Show

Once again, the Food Show was an sensational experience filled with flavours that lingered on the mind even longer that it lingered on the tastebuds. Not only did we have the chance to catch up with old friends, but we met many new friends as well, as we were spoilt for choice on some of the most amazing products in NZ.
Going to The Food Show has most definately widened the variety of flavours that I have introduced into our home, as it’s such a great way to try new things, and once again, I was pleasantly surprised with some of the things that I didn’t expect to enjoy, but found myself thoroughly loving.

I definately did have some favourites, some old, some new but they are ones that will be purchased time and time again and attending on the Thursday meant I could touch base with some of our companies and find out a bit more about products, and what not only was available on the day, but what is up and coming in the next few months (which I must say looks pretty promising)

One surprise for me was Mister Chai. Now I love my cup of tea, but I have to confess to being a bit of a Dilmah snob so I was a bit apprehensive about trying the flavours that these guys had on offer.

MisterChai Facebook

First off we tried Marsala Chai Tea, which threw me a bit, but after our own Garam Masala discoveries, I was willing to give anything a go….I mean, it’s the Food Show, you’re SUPPOSED to try new things. Well I was more than pleasantly surprised, I was ‘wow’d. This was absolutely amazing, so much that we just had to purchase some to bring home. We did try a couple of other flavours which were great, but my favourite was definately the Marsala.

Another favourite for me was the awesome J.Friend and Co, who do the most amazing Artisan Honey. I have been lucky enough to try one of their products in the past and when your 8 year old can tell you that the honey is so much tastier and smoother, you know they’re onto a good thing. My personal favourite is the Vipers Bugloss, but they’re all beautiful honeys.

J.Friend & Co Facebook

The next morning, the first thing my daughter asked for was had I bought her any of the yummy honey… of course I said yes !!

Next comes a company that I think EVERYONE knows is one of my favourites…..
The simply awesome Brown Brothers.

Brown Brothers NZ Facebook

This time around they had their Moscato & Sauvignon Blanc mix and their Prosecco available for everyone to try and try we did…….although I’m pretty sure they know I’ve already tried them before haha. My favourite was the Moscato & Sav mix, you still have the sweetness of the Moscato but I think it’s balanced out a little more by the Sav, meaning you still have a lovely sweet wine that is so easy to drink, that before you know it, the bottle is gone.  Oh well…..at least I had 2 bottles

Anyhow I could go on and on about the various companies, and i’ll let you in on a little secret in that some of them will feature with us in the future, so you are definately going to hear more.
But the best way to experience the Food Show, is to go yourself. There are shows in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch every year, and they are well worth visiting. My advice though is to go along with an open mind and try everything. You’ll find experiences behind each and every one of the stands and perhaps find some new favourites.

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