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Babu – Merino All in One

Recently at the Auckland Baby Show, I purchased a merino all in one for my 7 week old niece from the ‘BABU‘ stand. First of all the staff at babu were so friendly, and that was a big thing for me – friendly smiley staff is always a big tick for me. I’ve never bought anything from BABU, but the friendly staff is enough to make me want to come back on it’s own!






MerinoAnyway, the product. I choose an over the head merino all in one – in the color Rose Pink and size NB. I know my sister loves merino for her girl, so to pick up a 100% merino all in one for only $10 in their ‘bargain bin’ – I was stoked! So was she when I messaged her saying I had bought it. When she came around today, I excitedly put the outfit on her. She looked so cute in it, but aside from how cute it was – what I first noticed; is how snugly warm it felt. Merino is a soft wool compared to most, but I still find some merino brands a wee bit rougher than others. This was definitely a lot softer than some that I’ve seen. Baby girl also still wears prem sized clothes most of the time, as she’s a small baby – but even though I bought the ’0000′ size, the outfit fitted her quite snug, but I could see there was still room for her to grow into. My sister also noted that even as baby girl starts to grow taller – the outfit will still fit for longer because it’s footless. Whereas many of her footed outfits, are getting a big tight and she can no longer wear them. We found this quite a good thing, because if either of us were to buy another one for the retail price of $45, we would want the item to last as long as possible. Babies grow so quickly – that something as simple as being footless, would get at least another couple of weeks out of the product that a footed all in one.

Also we both noticed that when baby was inside, the outfit was enough for her to wear with a pair of socks and underneath bodysuit (also merino) and not be too cold, or too hot. However when my sister was leaving, she was able to still put another layer of clothes on her for warmth. Usually with babies – each added layer of clothing, bundles them up more and restricts their movement. Whereas because the product is shaped and made so lightly, you couldn’t even tell she was wearing an extra layer! But we both knew, that going outside is cold – but baby would be nice and snugly warm. Again, we thought this was important with a 7 week old.

All in all, the product got a lot of big ticks from us all, and I would definitely purchase them again. Probably the one thing that my sister noted, was that because it was an over the head all in one – the only domes are on the legs. She didn’t like the idea that if baby pooped, and it leaked – as commonly happens with newborns, she would have to then take it off and watch she didn’t get any on her wee girls face or arms as she tried to slide it off. I also noticed that because there were no domes down the front of the outfit, there was nothing to ‘pull the outfit in’ – so I noticed as baby wriggled, the necking of the outfit actually got quite bunched up under her chin. We both talked about this, and agreed that if we were going to chose between an over the head all-in-one, and a dome up the front all in one, we would chose the dome up the front one. However after the first day of use, that’s probably the only ‘downfall’ of having that specific style for a newborn.

Thanks so much BABU! Both my sister and I were impressed with the outfit, and my rating would probably be 8/10. The 8, simply because when my sister mentioned about the downfall of it being over head – I entirely agreed with this, and because of the bunching under the chin.

I would still be back for more of these though. And definitely recommend them to all new mothers/fathers – or even to people wanting to buy something ‘different’ as a new baby gift for expectant parents. They come in a variety of sizes and colors so cater to a variety of ages, sizes and boy/girls. “


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