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Bark Ranger

If there’s danger, call the ranger!

Bumbling thieves stranded in the wilderness when their getaway van craps out, are discovered by a pair of goldmine seeking kids and their rambunctious talking Golden Retriever. The thieves try and snatch the kids, but are fended off by the heroic dog. The kids lead the thieves into the gold mine and escape through a narrow vent shaft, and then try and make their escape by bike. But the thieves are soon after them in their truck and a crazy chase ensues. But the kids have a plan which leads to an epic showdown.
John Lovitz as the voice of Bark Ranger.





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Bark Ranger
NZ DVD Release Date: 1st July 2015
Genre: Kids/Family



Lucius Hoyos  … Jack Keller
Zoe Fraser  … Chloe Cratchley
Marty Adams  … Carl Festrunk
Jason Blicker  … Larry Festrunk
Ari Cohen  … Blake Keller
Trenna Keating  … Lisa Cratchley
Alexandra Castillo  … Sharon Keller
Jon Lovitz  … Ranger (voice)

Director: Duncan Christie
Writer:  Jason Bruce Delaney




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