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Barkers – Capsicum and Apricot Chutney

Barker’s of Geraldine is one of New Zealand’s favourite home-grown family businesses. Based in Geraldine, South Canterbury, the Barker family has been crafting delicious fruit preserves, chutneys and syrups for over six generations.


Barkers-of-Geraldine-Logo-Hi-resEstablished on the family farm in 1969 by inventor Anthony Barker who, after learning his mother’s skills for preserving fruit, went on to develop a successful cottage industry with a wild elderberry wine as his first product. This was followed by blackcurrant liqueurs, syrups, fruit spreads, jams, marmalades, chutneys, pickles and savoury sauces.

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Barker’s products are available from supermarkets throughout New Zealand. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in-store, just visit their website www.barkers.co.nz and place an order online. Next time you are visiting Geraldine, remember to stop by the iconic Barker’s shop, where you can sample the entire range of products, purchase gift baskets and send products all over the world.


Today we are introducing you to another member of the Barker’s Family, the Capsicum & Apricot Chutney.The combinations of rich red capsicums and luscious gold apricots combine to create a sweet and succulent taste experience. The most ordinary of meals will become extraordinary when you bring your food to life with this temptingly tangy chutney.

This chutney uses a beautiful combination of capsicum and apricots; it contains no gluten, added colours or artificial sweeteners. Can be added to casseroles, stir fry’s, pizzas, scones, scrolls or savoury muffins.







    • Spread on bruschetta or crostini and top with crumbled feta for an easy starter
    • Add a couple of generous dollops to casseroles and stews to help develop the flavour
    • Mix with yoghurt or sour cream for a tasty and instant dip Spread over a pizza base and add your favourite toppings
    • Add to cheese scrolls to give some real flavour
    • Serve as an accompaniment for cheese, crackers, sandwiches and antipasto platters
    • Serve alongside cold meats, frittatas, pies or left overs

Savoury Muffins
Stir Fried Vegetables




  1. The chutneys available at the event were very nice. They don’t have the strong relish flavour that other products have but are smoother and more pleasant, great for those who don’t like relish (or those that do!)

  2. I really enjoyed this chutney, it was quite sweet, but not an overpowering taste which I have found happens a lot with other types of chutney. I am looking forward to sharing the jar I received in my goodie bag with friends and family.

  3. Whilst I was hesitant with this, (not a big chutney fan, OR really even an apricot fan) I didn’t try it at the actual food evening itself; but given that I received one in my little goodie bag I figured I could try it – and if I didn’t like it; no biggie; I live with 4 others – I’m sure one would like it and claim the rest of the jar. My first “attempt” was on a cheese toastie – Figured a safe way to eat something I may not like (i was really adamant i wasnt going to like it hahaa!) it wasnt really an overpowering taste though, was quite sweet – but again, wasnt an over powering apricot taste. Went nice alongside the cheese and a thin layer of basil pesto; flavour stood out – but didn’t over power. The first try was a success and I then decided to try with the bagel crisps I also received in my goodie bag. Again a nice smooth sweet taste, it wasn’t as chunky as many other chutneys – so it went really nice as a dip; as well as a spread. Needless to say; it hasn’t been given to my flatmates – and it now resides alongside my other Barkers products – Despite how adament I was that it wasn’t going to be my sorta thing 🙂

  4. i really enjoyed this Chutney i love them. but this really stood out to me. as i love making home made pizzas and this was a really good base for the chicken pizza it wasnt over poweriing. i love how it has chuncky bits in it.
    i have also used this with just cheese and crackers ( which i often do during the day while i get a chance to sit at home with one child asleep and one child at kindy) i have gone through one jar so far and it is on my shopping list already what a great product…

    Thanks Family and Focus

  5. I love this chutney and am so please that I was introduced to it! I have even bought more.

  6. I didn’t review this, but I have got some in the fridge right now.

    I must say I don’t usually eat chutney, but I thought I’d give this one a go.
    I found it not too ‘lumpy’ which suited me.
    I tried it with simple cheese and cracksers for supper first and it was very nice.

    Then I made one of my fave recipes, cottage cheese and spinach quiche, and put a small dollop of this on the side.
    They went very well together, without the quiche being overwhelmed by the taste of the chutney.
    The husband has tried it on his work sandwiches and loved it also.
    Will definately be bying this again and I’ll be trying some other off their flavours also.

  7. So not a chutney fan – but after tasting this “YUM, I am converted, and will only have Barkers.
    I have now tried a few and must say the ultimate favourite is the Red pepper & Chilli Jelly…DELISH!!!

  8. I was given a jar of this to try and although I am not a chutney fan, I have family that are and I am always willing to give things a go. If eating chutney I do prefer a more savoury one that a sweet, so as you can imagine to see that this chutney was Capsicum and Apricot I was thinking of how I could use it. I first had this on a sandwich – the texture was not too lumpy and with cheese, ham and lettuce added a nice favour. Next I thought I would mix with cream cheese to make a dip (I would normally use sweet chilli sauce). This actually turned out really nicely and was actually enjoyed by all that tried it. I also make savoury scrolls so thought that trying it in these might work. It tasted ok but just a little too fruity for this. This is a chutney that I would not mind in my fridge (it would get used), however personally for me I like those without the fruit base.

  9. Barkers is a well known brand and I really like a lot of there products, when I got the sample of Barkers – Capsicum and Apricot Chutney I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it.

    I ended up trying it in home made chicken burgers as a sauce and it was really delicious and made the burgers come to life added new flavour. since then iv had it on crackers, added it to nacho’s its such a diverse product.

    And you have to love that Barkers isn’t far away from myself in Christchurch and they are a new Zealand company so you are supporting Kiwi’s when being brave and trying something new. You never know you might find something that will make your meals more exciting.

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