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Barkers Savoury Sauces

Barker’s of Geraldine is one of New Zealand’s favourite home-grown family businesses. Based in Geraldine, South Canterbury, the Barker family has been crafting delicious fruit preserves, chutneys and syrups for over six generations.


Barkers-of-Geraldine-Logo-Hi-resEstablished on the family farm in 1969 by inventor Anthony Barker who, after learning his mother’s skills for preserving fruit, went on to develop a successful cottage industry with a wild elderberry wine as his first product. This was followed by blackcurrant liqueurs, syrups, fruit spreads, jams, marmalades, chutneys, pickles and savoury sauces.

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Barker’s products are available from supermarkets throughout New Zealand. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in-store, just visit their website www.barkers.co.nz and place an order online. Next time you are visiting Geraldine, remember to stop by the iconic Barker’s shop, where you can sample the entire range of products, purchase gift baskets and send products all over the world.





Whether it’s apple with roast pork or mint with lamb, we’re sure that the Barker’s Savoury Sauces will be family favourites. Available from any good Supermarket these are an affordable and tasty addition to any meal and the options you can use them for are only limited by your imagination.

Rich Red Plum – This is the NEW tomato sauce! Kiwi kids need plum sauce on everything. Made with New Zealand plums this sauce will become the new best friend at the dinner table.
Not so sweet Sweet Chilli – A perfect all-rounder sauce, it’s low in sugar and sodium, fresh and zingy.
Tomato & Capsicum – A Mexican salsa style sauce, it’s a rich red thick sauce full of flavour with a dose of spice. A great sauce to have on hand for easy dinners.
Chipotle – Smoky and creamy with good heat, this luscious sauce has a depth of flavour which lifts and adds excitement to your plate. It’s not overly smoked or heavy so is great with a wide range of foods.
BBQ Beer – A bold ale flavour, our Brewer’s Barbecue Beer sauce is perfect sloshed on your burger and fries, a mate for your meat or smothered over a pie

Barker’s are strong supporters of local growers and New Zealand fruit is their first choice were practically possible.
Barker’s sauces are so versatile – they can be used as a dip, stir-fry or marinade.
We have a selection of Sauces on offer, but you can view the entire selection of sauces that Barker’s have available HERE

Family in Focus is happy to let our reviewers know that we have some of these amazing sauces to review.  We want to hear from someone who is happy to write about their experiences with the sauces and share photo’s of their creations.
Due to the products being in glass bottles, we will prefer reviewers that can pick up as the last thing you want is a broken bottle in the post.


  1. Rich red plum sauce ** our new family staple. Is it wrong that I add it to everything?. I used to slave in the kitchen making my own plum sauce but Barkers have found my secret recipe and now I no longer need to! With that just like grandma used to make and oh so delicious. I cant stop eating it. Even on fish n chips! The perfect accompliment for every meat. White or red.

  2. Annalise Burrows

    I was lucky enough to get to try the Rich Red Plum Sauce and the Not so Sweet Sweet Chilli. The Plum sauce takes you by surprise as it is as amazing as it says it is. It compliments hot and cold meats as well as making hot chips etc more exciting.
    The Not so Sweet Sweet Chilli has become a permanent addition to my fridge door. It has the perfect amount of “bite” while still being mild enough for Mr 10. Tastes fab with Chicken nuggets.

  3. We love the Barkers Chipotle Sauce in this house … it has a lovely flavour that is delicious with BBQ meats and on pies… my family eats it with everything and I use it in marinades and stir fries. I like to grill chicken nibbles and coat it in the sauce … served with a blue cheese dip it’s a real party favourite …used as a tomato base on pizzas is another fave.. have always been a fan of Barkers … trusted NZ brand … Syrups and Jam’s and now the sauces … perfection

  4. We got to try the Not So Sweet Chilli and Rich Red Plum and they are delicious! Found the Not So Sweet Chilli a bit spicy for my kids but I like it, it has a bit of a bite and sticks around. As for the Rich Red Plum is now served with pretty much with every meal we have for both myself and my kids! It is smooth, sweet but not too sweet, seems to go with almost anything (according to my 4 year old it could go with everything!) . I will continue to buy this! YUM!

  5. We were lucky enough to get the ‘Not so Sweet Chilli’ and ‘Barbeque Beer Sauce’ to try. I’m not such a fun of sweet chilli sauce, but this was great with wedges and sour cream 🙂 Yummo! I found it not too spicy – although the kids weren’t really fans of it. Fine by me haha.
    And I found that the Barbeque Beer Sauce was great on pretty much… well… everything! I even added it to a sausage casseroley kinda thingee. Was delicious! Great on its own or added into a dinner recipe. Will be getting it again for sure.
    Thanks for the opportunity to try these 🙂

  6. We got to try theRich Red Plum, my 3 girls and I love it on everything especially for dipping our hot chips into, found it quite sweet but very enjoyable.
    BBQ Beer was also very nice, a nice sauce for adding to a burger and to our homemade marinade, I also enjoyed dipping hot chips into it too.
    Definitely a range that I would like to try the others of.

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