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Bissell Lift-Off Deep Cleaning System


Lift-Off Deep Cleaning System


This Bissell lift off deep cleaning system is a powerful and effective way to deep clean carpets.

bissell-deep-carpet-cleanersRegular deep cleaning is a great way to refresh your home and to protect your carpet from wear and discoloration. Not only does frequent deep cleaning protect the investment in your home, but parents of young children, pet owners and people with allergies may find cleaning especially beneficial.

Deep cleaning is a carpet cleaning process that loosens and removes most harmful dirt and ground in grit, which may be deep down in your rugs and carpets. The deep cleaning process combines vacuum suction, brushing action, hot water and cleaning solution to clean beyond the surface of your carpet.

BISSELL recommends deep cleaning your carpet with an upright or canister deep cleaner at least twice a year – but if you have children, pets, allergies or a smoker in your home you may need to deep clean more often. Using a portable deep cleaner to keep up with unexpected spots and stains in between will help you maintain that fresh and crisp feeling your home has after a thorough deep cleaning.

Vacuums, even the best ones simply can’t reach the deep-down dirt at the base of your carpet fibers. The average home has over 200,000 bacteria per square-inch of carpet. That’s 400 times more than your toilet seat

The deep cleaning process is engineered to reach the dirt vacuums leave behind


  • Portable spot cleaner removes to clean spots & stains, stairs, car interiors and more
  • Surround Suction for edge-to-edge cleaning
  • Built-in hot water heater for maximum cleaning
  • Includes stain tool for hard-to-reach areas
  • 12 cleaning rows on 2X DirtLifter Powerbrushes
  • Sprays, scrubs and suction cleans carpet

Review 1

All I can say is WOW! I was given the opportunity to try this amazing product – it was also my first time trying a Bissell.

As a Carpet Cleaner –

My carpet is pretty new, nylon, a natural colour and we have a high powered vaccum cleaner so was keen to see how dirty my carpet really was. After getting the hang of the very easy to use machine I went for it. I was digusted with myself for the dirt that it lifted out of the carpet. By using the Bissell Shampoo in conjuction with the 2 powerbrushes it not only lifted the dirt out of the carpet but also left the carpet looking and smelling freash. I found this machine light and very easy to move around the carpet. I didn’t like the way the cord came off the spot cleaner as it seemed to get in the way, so took a closer look to find a hook just under the handle, this made a big difference. I also tried this on a wool rug and it too washed up really well and gave it’s colour back.

As a Spot Cleaner –

By lifting off the spot cleaner with ease I then went to cleaning my couch and seats in the car. I went over it first by spraying it with the liquid that comes out of the machine and then went back over with the suction. The difference was amazing. I am guessing that Bissell has different attachments to purchase as I found that the two nozzles I used had a little too wide a spray for doing smaller areas.

Improvement suggestions : The only thing that I thought could be improved on was how to clean the machine. When following the directions of cleaning you need to use a screw driver to remove parts to clean. I felt that this was too much of an effort and I would of like to see pieces that clipped out as for some pieces it was 3 screws to unscrew.

Overall this product is very friendly to use and does an amazing job. I loved that both the carpet cleaner and spot cleaner stored away as one. I have always thought of getting in someone to clean my carpets, but by having one on hand meant that I could clean up a mess straight away. I am now looking at how I can purchase on of these myself

Review 2

My first impressions of this item is OMG I already love Bissell’s products

As a spot cleaner its so easy and handy to use, it was great as my daughter has just started toilet training. so I could just use it and clean the little spots that she had left. The cord is nice and long which is also really good.

As a carpet cleaner I love this. as a tenant I like to keep my house clean.. I had only done my carpets bout 3 or 4 months ago. and didn’t think that they would be to bad.. BUT OMG I was wrong. I did my carpets three times and the water that was coming out was still yucky. its amazing what is in the carpets.

The containers are very easy to clean but I found the part where the water got sucked up really hard to clean… not having good strength in my wrists I couldn’t undo the screws. so did the best I could, but there was still gunk in it. I think it needs to have clip on parts that would be easier to clean this machine.. That’s the only down fall on this, and perhaps the storage would be a issue with me as I don’t have much room in my house. but all in all I would still like to buy one if I had the money..

Thanks again for giving me the chance to try this wonderful item xxxxxx

Review 3

First time using this machine and WOW!!!!

OMG the stuff that it lifted out of the carpet that my normal vaccum doesnt lift, and the rollers as you go along lifting all the pet hair – I was so disgusted with myself for letting my son play on it ewwwwww.

The machine itself so easy to use – my carpet has come up great, looks and even feels clean.

I used the spot cleaner, just lifts off the base, nice and light and so easy to run over my lounge suite. I found using the spot cleaner alot easier to do my mats than using the full based machine as mats tend to move alot to and you have more control of them using the spot cleaner.

Only improvement suggestion – its not so easy to clean, you need a screw driver and its quite time consuming – be so much easier if they were just “clips”.

So want one – an ‘AMAZING’ machine…:)

Review 4

I had the great opportunity to try out this great machine, I found it was so easy to use and really loved the new improved container for the water and cleaning solution (as I have the model before this ) I also loved how you could now detach the main part that holds the water and dirty water and take it around the home with out pushing the whole thing around.

I used this machine to clean the carpets in my friends home after her flatmate left and we were both amazed as using this with the pet cleaning product ( purple bottle) I was able to deep clean the carpets and got out the stains and dog smell out of the bedroom carpet that her flatmates dog was in and now it smells and looks so much better even when her landlord came around to do a inspection said how lovely and clean the carpets looked.

I also tested out the hand held attachment the deep cleaning tool to wash a floor rug and my friend commented on how much cleaner it looked and how once it dried how super soft it was, also used the normal hand held tool to clean the kitchen chairs they came out looking just as good as they day they were brought and got out all the grubby finger marks the kids had left all over the chair.

I did have one thing I did not like to much but it was very minor when considering the overall performance of the machine and that was how when using the hand held tool the deep cleaner when using the trigger to spray the water on I found I ended up just as wet as the chairs did but in saying that the end result was well worth it.

Overall I would highly recommend having one of these amazing products in the home as with the new detachable water tanks makes for easy fast clean up for all the spills and messes that happens in our homes and of you have kids you will know what I mean I want to thanks Mumsreview and Bissell for the chance to yet again try a amazing product that make cleaning my home easy and fun

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