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Little Green


This Bissell could be your total life saver (or carpet saver)



Use the Bissell Little Green Cleaning Machine, to scrub, spray and lift away dirt and stains from all types of surfaces. Its powerful vacuum suction can easily remove dirty footprints from carpets and stairs. You can also get rid of stains and spills in furniture and get your vehicle’s interior looking clean again.
This spot cleaning machine will be an especially welcome addition to homes with kids and pets.
Use this appliance to keep your home free of dirt and stains without the need for high-priced carpet cleaning services.
The long power cord and lightweight design make this portable steam cleaner easy to use just about anywhere. It’s easy to remove the water tanks to fill them and to empty your vacuum when you’re finished.

Is the Little Green™ as effective at cleaning as a full size machine?

Yes. Also, the Little Green™ has an important advantage. Little Green’s long vacuum and power cord let you clean those hard-to-reach spots and spills on stairs and upholstery in your home as well as your auto or RV interiors.

Is the Little Green™ safe for all carpet and upholstery types?

The BISSELL Little Green™ is safe and effective on virtually all carpets – although certain wools require extra special care. We recommend following the carpet and upholstery manufacturer fabric treatment instructions before using Little Green™.

What are the advantages of using the Little Green™ versus store bought chemical cleaners?

Unlike store bought chemical cleaners which are simply sprayed on a stain or rubbed in with a cloth – pushing the stain deeper into carpet and upholstery fibers – Little Green™, with its powerful suction, lifts-up spills before they set-in.

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Review 1

I had seen these advertised on the Bissell Facebook page and my first impression was that it looked like a handy machine to have in a house that combines small children and a couple of adults that are a wee bit on the clumsy side lol. So when Bissell said that they were offering one of these machines to us to review, I was over the moon.

Being a small machine I wondered just how good it would really be, I mean how tough could such a little cleaner be ?
Well….let me just say that you will NOT be disappointed.

I have tried the Little Green on a couple of spots on the carpet but haven’t really tested it as such (that is coming either today or tomorrow), and I am already in love.
My ‘vegemite’ stains are a thing of the past, and when my darling 5 year old knocked over a drink of Apple & Blackcurrent last night, out came the Little Green and it just sucked it all up straight away.

The real test for me was our lounge suite. After 6 years of children’s dirty hands, an electricians black hands, animals etc etc our lovely green lounge suite was more of a dirty brown/green and I had decided that I was going to give the Little Green a test beyond tests.


It was so easy to clean the couch etc, and it was no effort at all and OMG the dirt that came out of it was discusting.

A simple squeeze of the trigger and the nozzle distributes an easy stream of liquid across the area, you can then scrub with the brush, or simply just suck the liquid up again. Obviously the scrubbing is going to get in deeper, but even just a spray and vacuum made a huge difference.

Now admittedly, it did leave the carpet/couch damp but it certainly wasn’t what I would consider wet, and by the time the girls came home from school, it was completely dry (and yesterday was not a hot day by a long shot)

Would I recommend this cleaner to other families ?
Most definately !!!
It’s small and easy to find a spot where it can always be on hand, easy to use, and OMG the power that this little machine has is nothing short of amazing.
If you have children (or someone who’s great at making a mess) then I would totally recommend this to yo

Review 2

I honestly rate this machine! Both my husband and I LOVED it…we cleaned the car seats, as we have young children in the car, and WOW! It was amazing! The car smelled so much nicer, looked cleaner, and best of all dried SO quickly too. The couch was like ewwww look at all that grose stuff coming off!!!!
And JUST on queue, as we were due to take the machine over to Debbe’s place…my son spilled orange juice onto the carpet…so whipped this out, was SO quick…sucked the excess, and then squirted the solution on and cleaned it, took under a minute all up…and not a SINGLE mark!! YUS!
We have a purple stain on the carpet, and it made some good progress with lightening this. It’s been there for a few months now, so this is great! I reckon if we were to work on it regularly, it would probably fade to almost being gone! Wish I’d taken some before and after shots, as it really did a great job!
The size is quite practical, it was easy to carry around and also pop into the cupboard too. The amount of solution it stores is quite handy, as if you are using it for spots, you arent going to need heaps all at once, and the machine seems to not use HEAPS for a tiny wee spot either. You wouldnt need to regularly re-fill it all the time.
The size of the nozzle is just perfect, it fitted nicely into my hand, was easy to hold onto. It also got into the couches too, yet it was also big enough when working on spots on the carpet, it didnt take me TOO long to do it. The wide spray is great too.
The ONLY thing I could see as an improvement, would be a slightly longer hose, as it was too short for my personal liking. I had to move it quite regularly…but then again, I was testing it, so was cleaning my whole couch, where as if I was to own one, I wouldnt have to do this regularly, so it probably wouldnt annoy me
We(my husband and I…he was quite liking this wee machine) gave this a 9/10! And we are keeping an eye out for when this comes on sale, especially with just having bought a new lounge suite…and having children…this machine is a MUST!

Review 3

I picked up the Bissell Little Green yesterday. When I got home, I just put it down in the lounge and ignored it. But this morning, it turned out to be the best timing ever for having it on hand. Daylight savings has caused us all to be early risers. With Leandra up a 6:30am (unheard of)!

So there she was in Daddy’s recliner, having her breakfast. Now, she is generally very careful and not at all clumsy. That’s why she is allowed to sit there. But this morning, a little bit groggy still and WHOOPS! She drops half a cup of banana milk ALL OVER Daddy’s chair. The look on her face was pure terror. Luckily for her, we had Little Green on hand.

Usually what I would do in this situation is to get the ol’ baking soda out, and scrub that into the chair with a toothbrush. Then I would flood the area with warm water and lastly try and pat the water, milk and baking soda out of the chair. The cushion is not removable, so it’s just a complete pain in the butt.

This time, I plugged Little Green in. I sprayed some of the solution onto the milky patch. I let Little Green pull out all the liquid from the chair. I turned Little Green off. All done and dusted in less than 5 minutes. Came home this afternoon and the chair was a little damp still (we don’t get a lot of sunlight in that room), but looking just fine and no bad milk smells either.

How easy! How convenient! I do love this little machine. It has already saved me a good 30 minutes of work (or even more) and the stress of rushing around on a busy work morning!

Thanks MUMSreview and Bissell for letting me try this magic machine

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