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Blank Canvas

Moving into yet another house, we were a bit wary of starting a garden, but in all honesty, the blank canvas at this place is simply too good to ignore.
The back yard gave some indication that there had once upon a time been a garden here, but neglected and with dogs around the property, it had been let grow over.
Well……a blank canvas is there to be created upon, so while we’re by no means what you would deem gardeners, we did want to create something with our children that could teach them where some of their food comes from, while also teaching them about being responsible for their plants, and  have some pretty good family time as well.


IMG_6401RWe have sectioned off a portion of the back yard, as we didn’t want to go overboard to start off with. We chose a bit large enough to have tomatoes running up each side and for now, peas at the end, up against the fence.

Also up against the other fence we have some of our berry bushes that are looking a bit worse for wear at the moment, but that we are hoping will come alive once the weather warms up.



You can see we bought a couple of concrete paving stones to see how they would fit. At present we only have 4 but we want it to be around 7 high and 2 wide, just to make it easier to walk along picking tomatoes etc and getting to the peas.

These particular paving stones were really cheap from Mitre10 and will do the job nicely.


Out the front of the house we have a narrow section that is already set up for a garden, although we presume they’ve had flowers at some stage, not strawberries like we intend to do



We started digging things over as  you can see in this photo, but there was weedmat underneath which was pretty much rotten, so we gave up that plan temporarily until we could get some more weedmat (which we have now bought)








There is also a bit up the side of the house, which Ayla seems to have almost claimed as her own. She gets in there and can spend hours pulling weeds out, long after I’ve gone inside with muscles hurting and needing a hot cup of tea.








Anyhow this gives you a bit of an indication of what we have to work with……now to see what we can actually grow
That will be an experience for all of us, so I hope you’ll join us and offer any words of wisdom you might have

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