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Bohemein Fresh Chocolates

Bring the European Experience to New Zealand


At Bohemein Fresh Chocolates, our aim is to bring the high standard of European Chocolate craftsmanship and quality to New Zealand taste buds. We want you to experience the same feeling as if you had just strolled off the boulevards of Brussels, Paris or Prague. We use only fresh, high-quality ingredients. We craft these ingredients with passion and skill, and deliver chocolates that we think rival any in the world</p>

Jiri (George) Havlik is passionate about his chocolate and seriously you do not want to miss the chance to try them. We spent a bit at the Food Show just talking to George and I could have stood there all day, he’s a real character that has a passion for what he does.


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I’ve been sitting here trying to work out how to write up my experience with Bohemein Chocolates and the words I keep putting down, just don’t seem to fit for how much I enjoyed meeting George at The Food Show.
Before I even go into any detail about the chocolates themselves, I have to mention the man behind the treats. When I walked up to the stand that Bohemein Chocolates had, I stopped to listen as the man from the stand was explaining lots of interesting facts to a young lady who was taking everything in that he was saying. So was I but I have to confess that I’m a sucker for an accent and could have listened all day…He was taking the time to not promote his chocolates, but to promote his passion for chocolate and that is something entirely different. By the time was finished and turned to us, I was already enthralled with the man himself and if his chocolates were anywhere near as interesting, then this was going to be an extremely yummmy experience. ¬†Offered the chance to try milk chocolate or dark chocolate, I opted for milk chocolate which is generally my preference, but my son chose the dark which surprisingly I didn’t know he preferred dark chocolate (oh my gosh, what kind of mother am I ?)

Am I a chocolate lover ? – No
Do I enjoy a little bit of chocolate here and there ? – Yes

Let me just say that after trying the chocolate that came from this stand, my answers above have totally changed. The chocolate from Bohemein Chocolates was so silky, so creamy so utterly devine that we just had to buy some. Now I had to share with my husband and my son so we all got to sample some of the unusual flavours as well as the ones you kind of expect.

Some of the flavours we went home with were:
Pineapple & Black Pepper Ganache
Balsamic Vinegar & Honey (this was one of my favourites)
Raspberry & Apricot Ganache
Lemon & Thyme Ganache
and quite a few more.

If you want to really give someone you care about a treat that they will fall in love with, then give these guys a yell. I’ll be surprised if you don’t love them as much as I do
As for us, well we’re already planning our next order



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