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Brother PT-H105 Label Maker

Hands up if you are a super organised person who has everything in it’s place, and know where everything is ?

Now put your hands up if you’re like me and a total un-organised person, who, when they do tidy up, can then no longer find anything !!
I always set out with the best intentions to have a ¬†household where everything has it’s own home, but then without putting marker pen on everything, I’m still at a loss as to ‘which’ box everything is in.

Then the Brother PT-H105 arrived.

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Is it sad that without even having this open yet, I have idea’s running through my head on how I can improve the level of efficiency within the house and perhaps gain some organised chaos. With 3 children under 8, a partner that seems to collect ‘things’, and myself who has so many different baking things, this has the potential to make all our lives, that little bit easier.

Perfect for organising ALL aspects of your life, I’m sure that this is a tool that is going to be useful in all the area’s around the home, office or literally anywhere that need that little bit of help. With features that mean you can create labels for fabrics, clothes, bags, your children (or husband) will no longer have any excuse for misplacing ‘that’ item.


Brother P-Touch uses NZ’s most durable labels. Withstanding abrasion, chemicals, water, heat, cold, humidity and harsh light, Brother labels aren’t to be messed with. The unique laminated seven layer construction ensures each label can handle the toughest situations.
From school bags and clothes, kitchen and bathroom cupboards, to garden tools and pot plants. Brother labels makers can label it all, not only making spring cleaning a breeze, but fun too.



Even comes in Pink
For those of you who are like me and like a bit of colour in your life, there is also a pink version. So ladies, you can get yourself one in pink, and hubby can have one in white so you can both set about to create that organised paradise that you know is going to make life so much easier.



As for me – I have a decision to make…..what am I going to organise first ?
Stay tuned to see what we think


  1. Theseblook so handy, especially as getting older and memory not so good!

  2. This is amazing! I was lucky enough to win one via Family in Focus and have found this very useful.
    The very first thing I did was purchase the fabric tape and label my sons school uniforms. I love the fact that you can change the font and personalize the label to suit each item.
    When labeling items for the kids I used a space theme – my son has had many comments on these as they stand out.
    The product is so easy to use – the only reason I needed instructions was for locating the battery compartment! This take 6 x AAA batteries – it doesn’t seem to chew through the batteries like other devices.
    It has a built in cutter
    Something that would be great is coloured tape! I have only seen white so far but would love to see different colours.

    Thanks to family in focus and brother for the opportunity to trial this!

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