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BWT’s Magnesium Mineralizer




The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer reduces the limescale content in the water and filters aroma and taste impairing substances, heavy metalls and particles from the water. Unique and only from BWT: during the filtration the water is enriched with the precious mineral magnesium.



By adding magnesium the mineral balance of the water is maintained. The result is an almost neutral pH value which is experienced as especially tasty and soft by experts of still mineral water. Perfect for coffee, tea and daily drinking pleasure.

The Importance of Magnesium

  • Improves mental performance
  • Magnesium can help with Depression
  • Helps prevent heart attacks
  • Helps the lung muscles
  • Enables Energy Production
  • Maintains Nervous System Balance
  • Enhances Control of Blood Sugar


We received our BWT Magnesium Mineralizer the other day, and other than I just absolutely love the colour (we got the Aubergine one), these are just fabulous. They’re a great size, and fit into the door of the fridge perfectly, but we also felt that it was still big enough that you don’t feel like you’re refilling it every 5 minutes.
The water tastes great but we’re going to see if we can do a blind test and see just how good the taste is over normal tap water. I’m pretty confident we will be easily able to tell the difference, but proof is in the results.
I drink a lot of water, and the cost of bottled water got ridiculous.  Because of the sheer amount of water we go through in the household, I did invest in a chilled water filter, but even that costs me a bit over the space of a few weeks. However,  by using the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer, I am now going to save even more, which makes me a happy Mum.
It’s really easy to set up, soak the filter for 5 minutes, then run one lot of water through before emptying it and then refilling again and you’re ready to go.
I guess the only issue for me is that we have a big household, and in all honesty we could use 2-3 of these to cope with the amount of water we all go through, but in saying that, it’s so quick and easy to just refill, that for the average household, it would be great.




If you think you would like one of these amazing jugs to help with healthy choices, then please put your name down to review it by filling in the contact form and letting us know how much you’d love to review this awesome product



Congratulations to our Lucky Reviewer 

Natasha Sparks

If you were not our lucky reviewer but would still love one, you can purchase them at Mitre 10


  1. Looking forward to seeing who got picked for this, love to see if the magnesium content is enough to help with muscle spasms etc, would be more natural than taking tablets.

  2. Natasha Sparks

    Sorry its taken so long to review the BWT’s Magnesium Mineralizer. Life just got in the way. Anyhow, I love, love, love this product. At first use I did a blind test between tap, filter and BWT. Admittedly, they all tasted much the same. But after running the water through the BWT several times I could now taste the difference. Maybe it just needed to be flushed through more. I thought that this was just another water filter until further inspection told me that this adds magnesium to the water. For those who suffer cramps, migraines or insomnia this could possibly be beneficial. Unfortunately, I cant comment on these issues as I dont suffer from any of these problems. I like that it tells me when to change the filter after so many refills, but you have to record the days on a calendar (as to which comes first – 100 refills or 56 days). It is slimline to fit in the fridge door – also good, and pours like a dream. The only down side is that, after further investigation, it can only be bought from Mitre 10 or off their website which means paying for shipping. Not easily available.

  3. Natasha Sparks

    Also, in reply to Allison’s comment, it doesn’t say in the instruction manual how much magnesium is filtered through per litre, so there is no way of knowing how much magnesium you are getting. I guess all you could do is test it to see if you symptoms improve or not.

    Overall, really love having the BWT’s Magnesium Mineralizer in my fridge. I use it to refill the kids water tank in the fridge and am considering getting one for my 70 year old Dad to improve his water quality. Easy to use and value for money.

    Thanks for the opportunity to trial

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