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Caramel Pingos – Mother Earth


Mother Earth use natural, wholesome, quality ingredients sourced ethically, minimal processing and never any artificial colours.

Our philosophy is simple. We make delicious, wholesome food. It’s no secret how we do it either – great tasting ingredients and minimal processing.

That’s the Mother Earth way.

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Pingos are baked muffin balls filled with yummy, soft centres. Made the Mother Earth way, they contain no artificial colours or flavours and have 25% less fat*.

Pingos are the perfect size for little ones and come individually wrapped, so they are easy to pop into kids’ lunchboxes.

Choose from four flavoured centres:

  • Raspberry Yoghurt
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry Smoothie
  • Caramel NEW

How do you define these ?

They’re not like other products that are around at the moment, in that they are not a fruit or muesli bar even if they do have the external crust and a delectable centre.
They’re not a cake that is going to crumble as soon as little fingers get them.
They’re not a biscuit although do have biscuit aspects to them.

So what are they ?

They’re PINGOS

Pingos are baked muffin balls filled with yummy, soft centres. Made the Mother Earth way, they contain no artificial colours or flavours. They fit great into kids lunchboxes and even better into Mums handbag for a quick treat on the run when the little darlings are demanding a treat while we fulfil the more mundane aspects of being a parent. They come in individual little packets that are nice and easy to open in a hurry, and the size of the Pingos means that they never get wasted.

I often find that my children will eat half a bar etc because it’s just too much for the younger ones – and that’s where the Pingos are perfect.

When these arrived in the mail my first thought was how much the children were going to love having these in their lunchboxes, but then the fact that these ones were CARAMEL finally dawned on me and I figured I’d better try one before the little darlings got home. I’m not sure it was a good thing or a bad thing because to be honest….Mummy LOVED them. So where do I hide them for that sneaky treat when no one is looking ? Or, do I be a nice Mummy and actually share ? The latter decision won out when I hadn’t chosen my hiding spot before the kids came home and spotted them. Of course they just had to try them so reluctantly, I handed one out to each of them.

Much to my horror….they also loved them which means that they were then asking for them in their lunch. So much for my sneaky treat for me.

Seriously though, these were great. The caramel wasn’t of the type that is sickening sweet, but still tasty enough to be extremely moreish and leave you wanting more.

We will definately be buying this flavour in the future although perhaps the next lot I just might have to hide ;)

When compared with average fat and saturated fat content of lunchbox snacks in the New Zealand market July 2013 (per 100g)

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  1. Michelle and Abigail Thinnasagaren

    My daughter Loves the Chocolate Pingos… I love that they are tasty to her but also healthy and i know only goodness is going into her too…

  2. Craig Kilpatrick

    My son loves the Pingoes range and always eats them when they go in his lunch box compared to the Oaty bars which he dislikes but i love

  3. I love the Pingos just as much as my nieces, they dont last long in this house love to win thank you

  4. Rachael Greaves

    Caramel pingos…mmmm they are the best…great little healthy treat when the grandkids visit and great for on the run…love the oaty slices too 🙂

  5. My son loves Pingo’s and they fit in the lunch box easily, sometimes I find things are just a bit big! We have tried the strawberry and also the chocolate but may just have to try the caramel flavor next time!!! : )

  6. My son loves the strawberry pingos and says they taste like strawberry milk but not too sweet which is great when you are trying to get your kids to eat healthily I also love the fact they do not have any artificial colours or flavours in them They are perfect to pop into the lunch boxes and the kids love them

  7. I just tried the Caramel Pingos for the first time last week! They are very yummy and were popular with the kids. I will be getting them again!!

  8. My daughter has tried both the raspberry yoghurt and chocolate pingos, and absolutely loves them!! Quite often she is yelling ‘ monkey mum, monkey mum’!!! When she sees them at the supermarket.
    I like that they have 25% less fat than other, similar products, they are great bite size for little ones and definitely a novelty! We buy these fairly regularly as a treat

  9. Pingos are a healthy treat for the grandkids if I don’t get to them first !

  10. OMG, if I buy these for my kid’s school lunches I lose my will power and eat them while they at school! lol. I now buy two boxes 🙂

  11. My daughter just loved the raspberry pingos! Always wants to go to paknsave

  12. these are a real winner in my house 🙂

  13. Christine cleary

    My daughter loves the chocolate ones, they are the perfect little person snack size, just right to keep in the handbag for emergencies,

  14. Love the pimgos for my child. She is such a fussy eater but loves these.

  15. Rachael McArthur-Andrew

    My daughter loves pingos, they are her go to snack in the cupboard. they have a great flovours (shes love the chocolate the most) they are a great size too, great for a little treat in the lunch box. and perfect size for toddler hands. and they are a pretty good price too!

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