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Baking is one of the things I most like to do in the world. Most of the time I find it therapeudic to concentrate on creating the next masterpiece, although I have to admit that I find it more enjoyable to do when I have no pressure (like a birthday party) on, and I’m doing it just because it’s fun. Over …

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Dairyworks Coconut and Mango Icecream

The days are hot and the tastebuds are screaming out for something that is going to tantalise them and take them on a brand new adventure. This is around about when I opened a tub of the new Dairyworks Coconut & Mango Icecream, hoping that that the idea of what it represented would be fulfilled when I took that first …

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Jelly Treats

I have been following a cool new page on Facebook called Dr. Oetker Baking Australia & New Zealand. You all know how much I love creating yummy treats for my family and these guys have some awesome products that I have already been out and purchased….but that isn’t what this post is about (we’ll save that for another post) Back …

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Farrah’s Snack Wraps

We all love receiving treats in the mail (makes a change from those bills), so when I had a package turn up yesterday I was just a wee bit excited as I wasn’t expecting it and it had no infortmation on it about who it was from…….it was a secrect 😉 Ripping into the paper the excitement continued when I …

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