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Planting our Seeds 2015

This year although we wanted a variety of goodies growing in the garden, we did want to concentrate on Tomatoes and of course Strawberries. I also wanted to get the kids involved as I believe that it teaches them some great lessons about where their food comes from, and because they’re helping me plant, water, grow the seeds (and later transplanting), …

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What better garden addition could there be…….. Strawberries ? As previously mentioned, the front of our house has a great little garden section and is the perfect place to plant strawberries. I’ve had no luck growing them in various strawberry containers etc, and the one time they seemed to take off, we had to move so I dug them up …

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Blank Canvas

Moving into yet another house, we were a bit wary of starting a garden, but in all honesty, the blank canvas at this place is simply too good to ignore. The back yard gave some indication that there had once upon a time been a garden here, but neglected and with dogs around the property, it had been let grow …

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