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Saying Something Nice

When I was a little girl (yes I do remember that far back), I was lucky enough that I had the most amazing Mum in the world, and while she told me many many words of wisdom, most that I promptly forgot , but have since come back to haunt me in my own parenthood, but one that always stuck …

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Being a Mum isn’t always easy

To find out that your going to be a new mum is the most wonderful feeling, but also the most scariest. You pray everyday that you will hit the 12 week safely, then you wait for those first flutters of movement, then the final countdown when we all get fed up with the wait, and the excitement to meet our …

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Want to write an article for Family in Focus ?

Have you experienced something that you believe other Mums and Dad’s would like to hear about ? Do you have some words of wisdom that could be of interest to other families ? Perhaps you have a compelling story or point of view that will resonate with or intrigue others? If so, Family in Focus wants to hear from you. We don’t …

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Becoming a Step-Mum

Becoming a Step-Mum By Cushla If someone told me that at the age of 24 I would have been a step mum to 2 children I would have punch them in the face… As it happens I was! My step son was 4 and my step daughter was 1. From someone who was an only child, was career orientated and …

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How to remain positive when you have a child with Epilepsy

How to remain positive when you have a child with Epilepsy (and possibly other disabilities) By Rebekah This is not about how to parent a child who has Epilepsy. I am writing this about how to Look after yourself as a Parent, and how to hopefully not lose your mind. A little bit about me I have 3 children. Am …

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How to keep your sanity over the holidays.

I don’t know about you, but my kids drive me crazy. I have 4.  The older 3 (11, 7, 6) are at school, and miss 21mth is at home with me while I try to ‘work’.  At 8am when they decide to walk to school I breathe a sigh of relief…3pm brings with it the anxiety of hearing half way …

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