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Comfy Bebe Merino 3 in 1 Swaddle

Comfy Bebe specialises in cloth nappies and merino wool products for babies and children right up to 10years of age. Our New Zealand made, environmentally friendly, affordable baby and children’s products provide comfort andlong wearing designs. Our NunDeez (potty training pants) are our latest design to fill a much needed gap for toilet training. We also have slings and breastfeeding fashion for Mums.


merino_swaddle•  NZ Merino – super soft, high quality merino. Machine washable
•  Fits Newborn to well beyond 12 mths
•  Provides swaddling/wrapping for as long as required
•  Converts into sleep sack meaning you keep using it until baby grows out of the length (82cm Shoulder to length) – saving you $$
•  Correct loose position around hips ensuring no pressure on developing hip joints
•  Change nappies while swaddled
•  Use in pram/car seat


My husband and I are big believers in the benefits of swaddling little babies. We found the gorgeous Comfy Bebe merino swaddle and have been using it on our youngest, Emelyn since she was just 2 weeks old. Emelyn was Premature at birth, just 2.6kgs (5lb 8oz) so it’s important to keep her warm and we find Merino to be the best for this.

Even though Emelyn is little, she fits this swaddle perfectly. We have used other swaddles on our two older children (who were also little) and found them to be too big and un-adjustable for size. We also love that we can continue to use this swaddle as a sleep sack when Emelyn is older and no longer needs to be wrapped.

Comfy Bebe’s 3 in 1 Swaddle is so easy to use. Even for Gran and Dad who didn’t get shown how to use it. I find it very user-friendly.

Paula from Comfy Bebe was so knowledgeable and helpful about swaddling and baby sleeping. I was amazed that Emelyn slept from the time Paula wrapped her the first time at Mary’s Market until well after we got home.

We were very impressed that we can safely buckle up the baby capsule whilst Emelyn is still in the wrap. This means her sleep isn’t disturbed and she sleeps for longer.

I get lots of compliments about the swaddle when going out. It’s super handy for going Supermarket shopping and the merino is great for the ever changing temperatures going in and out of the car and supermarket. One of the best things about this swaddle is that it’s practical! I can change Emelyn’s nappy without having to undo her arms. This means midnight feeding and nappy changing is quicker and less disturbing and Emelyn goes back to sleep faster.

Even though it’s easy to wash and quick to dry, don’t just get one of these swaddles. I find that I am lost when mine is in the wash. Sleep is worth every dollar!

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