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Dairyworks Coconut and Mango Icecream

The days are hot and the tastebuds are screaming out for something that is going to tantalise them and take them on a brand new adventure.
This is around about when I opened a tub of the new Dairyworks Coconut & Mango Icecream, hoping that that the idea of what it represented would be fulfilled when I took that first mouthful.
Well, I wasn’t disappointed !!

As soon as I took the lid off, I was greeted with an icecream that not only smelled exactly like what it said, but it looked the part too. The mango looked vibrant and fresh against the coolness of the coconut side of the icecream and I seriously couldn’t wait to dive into this taste sensation that was sitting right in front of me.

Ohhhhhh my goodness – I have had nice icecream in the past, but this was beyond that. It was creamy, it was fresh it was…….well, it was just bloody amazing and it was hard to stop myself going back for more, but I thought I had better leave some for my amazing husband to try when he comes home from a hard day at work.

If you want to try something a little different, I can’t recommend this enough and I am hoping that it sticks around for at least a little while.


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