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Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival



Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival

Get ready to enter a world of enchantment featuring the most magical moments from across the kingdom in Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival.

You’ll be whisked away into the wintery world of the Academy Award® winning and number one animated feature film of all time, Disney’s Frozen, to join royal sisters Elsa and Anna, the hilarious snowman Olaf, rugged mountain-man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven as they help the sisters along the way in a story full of action, adventure and magic. Experience Disney’s The Little Mermaid with a show-stopping performance by Sebastian as he breaks out of his shell to make waves with Ariel “Under The Sea!” Get tangled up with a chorus of harmless hooligans when they get a visit from the sassy and spirited Rapunzel and her charming ally Flynn from Disney’s Tangled. And get swept away by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as the Beast and his castle’s enchanted entourage take center stage in a spectacular show for Belle.

It will be a magical mix of royalty when Disney On Ice brings this winsome wonderland to you!


©Disney. All Rights Reserved
©Disney. All Rights Reserved

NEW ZEALAND TOUR – 24 July to 9 August 2015  


©Disney. All Rights Reserved


The magical show that is Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival opens in New Zealand in July through to August 2016 and will take audiences on a spectacular journey featuring all your favourite Disney characters. Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival will travel to New Zealand from Australia, opening at TSB Arena in Wellington, and then travelling to Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch.

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Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival is a show not to be missed and suitable for the whole family! I have been lucky to attend one in the past with my twin girls and the experience was one of the most amazing times we’ve had together and was one we continue to talk about.

©Disney. All Rights Reserved
©Disney. All Rights Reserved

2016 National Tour Dates

Wellington – TSB Bank Arena 28th –31st July (Thurs – Sun)

Auckland – Vector Arena 4th – 7th August (Thurs – Sun)

Hamilton – Claudelands Arena 10th – 14th August (Wed – Sun)

Christchurch – Horncastle Arena 18th – 21st August (Thurs – Sun)

Purchase Auckland tickets through Ticketmaster: 09 970 9700 or www.ticketmaster.co.nz and
Wellington, Hamilton & Christchurch tickets through Ticketek: 0800 TICKETEK (842 538) or www.ticketek.co.nz


See FULL terms and conditions for Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival

Giveaway Winners


Our extremely lucky winner of 4 passes to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival

Rachelle Smith who will be attending the Christchurch Show.
HUGE congratulations Rachelle, I hope you love the show as much as we have done in the past.
Thank you to everyone else who entered


  1. Awesome for the kids magical

  2. Wellington 28 July 2016
    Mickey and Minnie Mouse are my favourites. They are the ones i remember the most from my childhood.

  3. my daughter loves elsa because she has powers and can freeze you, she has always wanted to go to this but it was always out of my price range, id love to take her to the christchurch one

  4. My favourite disney character is Mater from Cars. Hes just so funny, I think he has some of the best lines in any disney movie! We would love either of the Auckland shows 😊

  5. Danielle ziegler

    My fav would be nemo because he is so cute and so brave love the movie 😉

  6. Danielle ziegler

    O and would love to go to the hamilton show

  7. My son favourite is Lightning McQueen cause he drives very fast. My personal favourites would be Micky and Minnie after meeting them many moons ago when my late grandparents took us grandkids to Disney land. Can’t remember much other than meeting the real Micky and Minnie

  8. My favourite Disney character would have to be…Dori!
    She is funny, loving, adventurous and a little whacky ☺Can’t wait for Finding Dori!

    Great prize you have. Thanks for the opportunity

  9. My daughter loves “Minnie mice” because she loves watching the Disney channel loves her little outfits she would just light up seeing this show yes please Wellington show would be so amazing 🙂

  10. It would have to be Mickey Mouse in this house ! As all 3 of my kids love him and he’s timeless !! Who’s not a fan of mickey 🙂 we would love to go to the wellington show if we win please

  11. Snow White, because She gets to live with the 7 dwarfs, and marries a prince. Would love to take my daughter, who has Downs Syndrome, my husband and our special friend to Claudelsnds on Wednesday 10th August.

  12. ELSA from FROZEN is our families favourite character. Especially my 2 year old daughters. She has been a fan of Frozen since she was 9 months old and she has all the songs nailed. It’s funny seeing her re-enact parts from the movie, she’s a crazy little 2 year old who would love to see Elsa on skates 🙂

  13. My favourite Disney character of all is Goofy! Such a funny laugh, and is awkward just like me! 😀 Would love to take my kidlets to the Christchurch show please!

  14. Wow, my favourite (and Miss nearly 5) Disney character is Rapunzel, because of her long luscious locks!!! We would love love love to go to the CHRISTCHURCH Thursday 18 August, 7pm show!! Thanks!

  15. Christchurch 18th August. My favourite character has always been Pocahontas because of her nature ☺

  16. I would love to take my daughter to the Wellington show; she loved disney on Ice when her aunt took her last year, and Frozen is her all time favourite movie and I’m excited that my son at 3.5 is old enough to go now too.

    • And my all time favourite Disney character is Jasmine because I like that she’s so into the idea of not letting anyone else live her life for her!

  17. My fav is the lil mermaid or Cinderella, timeless classics.
    We would love to GOTO the Wellington show

  18. We would love to see Mickey and Minnie mouse, they are our favourite disney characters, they are so cute and adorable! 🙂

  19. My fav is Snow White, it was the 1st disney movie i saw at the movies with my nan

  20. Would love to go to the auckland show – sorry forgot to say

  21. My 3 year old Moko cracks up at the squirrel wi h the nut and loves Lightening Mc Queen he’s a fast car he reckons this show be awsome to win him and a bestie and hmm myself and whoever would be lucky enough cheers

  22. My daughters favourite is ELSA from Frozen, but she loves TINKERBELL too 😊👍 would love to go to
    Christchurch Disney on Ice, Magical Ice Festival please 😊

    • Sorry forgot the why, I know my daughter loves that ELSA sings Let It Go and she can make things into ice and make things look sooo pretty, TINKERBELL well she just loves Fairies but tinks is her favourite 😊💗

  23. Wellington 28 July 2016 please. My daughter loves the story of Cinderella and it has such a great message “have courage and be kind”.

  24. Auckland – fri 5th
    The frozen characters are the favs over here!

  25. My little girls fav is Ariel. She would love to live in the water and have a best friend as a fish

  26. My fav has always been Cinderella- I guess I is identified with the one who looked most like me! Blonde blue eyes etc- I love all the processes but Cinderella the most- she always seemed humble and no matter her hard situation she never spoke badly of her oppressors!

  27. My favourite Disney character would have to be Simba. He is brave and funny and I love that movie 😊 great music etc

  28. Our favourite Disney character would be mickey mouse and Elsa 🙂 we would love to take the kids to the Hamilton show please.

  29. I adore goofy cos he’s a little like me!
    Auckland please.

  30. Stephanie Keates

    My favourite Disney character has always been the Beast from Beauty and the Beast – such a scary looking exterior but he has the most beautiful, kind heart.

  31. Mickey and Minnie Mouse is a favourite in our house, love how they are great friends and how they teach as they play. Would love to take my girls to the Hamilton show please.

  32. I would so love to see once in lifetime show Mickey &Minnie Mouse are fav characters From when I was a child they were in my life and to see my grandchidren laughing at them too is wonderful 1 granddaughter has drawers covered in minnie hehe love Disney xx

  33. Donald Duck is a fav in our house at the moment, especially one of the Christmas DVDs.

  34. Goofy- because he is super funny and has the best voice. Would love to suprise my boys to the Christchurch show.

  35. Chrystal Steiner

    Rapunzel because of that hair!! What a beauty she is! Would love to go to the Hamilton one please.

  36. Wow I would love to see this with my nieces

  37. Cannot wait!!!!!! Just got to see this 🙂

  38. We all absolutely love Belle cannot wait to see Beauty and The Beast next year and Emma Watson will be a beautiful Belle

  39. Cannot wait!!!!!! Just got to see this 🙂

    Devyn’s favourite character is OLAF because he falls apart and goes back together and is really funny.. 🙂

  40. Tamzen Rillstone

    I love Pumbaa because he’s a super loyal friend and he’s plain hilarious!

  41. Would go Auckland Friday 5th august Disney on Ice
    Ariel my fave has been since I saw it as a young child, because she is a mermaid always loved mermaids : )

  42. How do you choose just one? Disney is full of fantastic characters! Right now, mr 4 says his favourite is Minnie Mouse. Miss 1 loves to dance along to the music in Frozen so lets say hers is Anna and Elsa 🙂 I would love to take my 2 to see the Hamilton show in August 🙂

  43. My favourite is Belle. I love that movie. I would like tickets for Hamilton please

  44. Christchurch show please

    My absolute favourite Disney character is Eeyore, I love his big sad eyes and how it seems like he just needs a good cuddle. When asking my 4 year old she said her favourite is Snow White but she added imagine living with that many boys! Lol (just had to share that giggle with you)

  45. My favourite Disney Character is Donald Duck. He always made me laugh as a child as he always tried to be so grumpy but everyone knew it wasn’t real lol. I would love to take my children to the Christchurch show if I was lucky enough to win. Thank you so much for such a magical opportunity

  46. Wonderful

  47. Love Goofy, the kids called their dad goofy due to being that way when with the kids.
    We would love to go to this in Hamilton please

  48. Joanne Redgwell

    Our kiddies would love to go to the Auckland Friday show please.

    Mickey Mouse is our fave in this household. The kids enjoy watching him on TV.

  49. sheridan Adams

    mickey mouse because he is always soooooo NiCE !

  50. Diane Mitchell

    We love Micke Mouse and of course Goofy
    Auckland Show would be amazing

  51. Sarah Brickland

    Hamilton please, my kids love Olaf because he is cute and funny.

  52. Mike wizowski from monsters Inc as he reminds me of my husband hahaha
    And the wellington show 28th July 7pm

  53. Me and my minis would love this! We have a selection of favourite characters, my daughter’s is definitely Elsa & Anna because they are pretty and sing good and love each other lots she says ,My son is Donald Duck & Lightning McQueen because Donald talks really funny & he loves fast cars & mine would be Ariel the little Mermaid because as a little girl it was my favourite movie and I wanted to be a mermaid 😍 I would love to choose Auckland Friday 5th show please & thank you ☺. I hope I have entered this right!

  54. We love Olaf! He’s a hero in his own right and it shows our young ones that heros come in all different shapes and sizes xx We would love to go to the Hamilton one please, so close to my daughters 6th Birthday x

  55. Jessica Powell McIntyre

    My favourite character would be Nemo. It’s a movie me and my son watch together repeatably and he always brings a giggle to our lips. Would love to take Mr four to the Auckland show. Thank you ☺

  56. Jessica Powell McIntyre

    My favourite character would be Nemo. It’s a movie me and my son watch repeatably and always brings a giggle to our lips. Would love to take Mr four to the Auckland show. Thank you ☺

  57. My daughter loves elsa from frozen, she has everything frozen and still watches the movie every weekend just about haha.

  58. My daughter has loved Ariel since forever – in fact if she could be a mermaid she would – so Ariel wins hands down at our place 🙂

  59. Stitch is a family favourite! My kids love him, I would love to take my 2 girls plus my wife to see the show in christchurch

  60. Melanie Peterson

    As a family we love so many of the Disney characters but my personal favourite is Alice in Wonderland.

    What and amazing story full of craziness. I love the Mad Hatters Tea Party and would love to transform my dinning room to look like it. LOL
    My kids would probably say Mickey Mouse Donald Duck and Olaf were their favs.

    Would love to go tot he Auckland show. 🙂

    • Melanie Peterson

      Opps I somehow missed that it was in Hamilton too, can I change my choice to the Hamilton show please 🙂

  61. Annalise Mehrtens

    I would have to say Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She knows that inner beauty is more important than how you look

  62. Lesley Baldwin

    My twins would love to go to the Hamilton show. Else is a favourite in our house

  63. Haley McLaughlin

    I would love to take my son to the Hamilton show. He loves his Disney characters even the princesses. I personally love Minney Mouse – so caring and reminds me of my stuff toy friend from childhood of her.

  64. I would love to take my three boys to the Auckland show, sounds amazing. We love Disney movies and books, my middle sons favourite character is a cat Figaro.

  65. Wellington show please. My daughter’s favourite Disney character is a tie between Anna and Elsa as they are both part of her frozen obsession. She is sooo excited to see them both at Disney on ice….

  66. Amelia Norgrove

    My favourite is Cinderella. This was the first Disney movie I owned on VHS. Cinderella is so pretty, humble and compassionate. I love that she is so kind to the animals and my kids like the element of magic in the film 🙂

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