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Dr.Lewinns Luminosity

Enhancing the skin’s overall tone and texture is the skincare mantra of the 21st Century. It’s no longer just about targeting wrinkles or dryness. Women all over the world want a radiant, even skin tone that glows with health. With facial skin uniformity and tone adding or subtracting as much as 20 years to a women’s age, targeting overall skin appearance is a key element in the anti-ageing equation.
The new Eternal Youth Luminosity Range from Dr. LeWinn’s is a specialised skincare range that has been developed specifically to improve radiance and brightness for a more youthful appearance. Boosting clarity and helping to give that ‘lit from within’ glow, Eternal Youth Luminosity features exclusive active ingredients to promote an even, youthful skin tone. .





The Eternal Youth Luminosity Range consists of three core products – Day & Night Cream, Day & Night Golden Essence and Day & Night Eye Cream. This powerful range targets key complexion concerns including; dullness, unevenness, redness, stress and fatigue to significantly improve the overall appearance of the skin.

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The active ingredients in the range have been exclusively selected by Teresa Hryniewiecka, Dr. LeWinn’s Innovations Manager to give optimum results both instantly and with continued use. X50 Photoglow with breakthrough technology delivering a targeted system of actives and increasing skin luminosity by up to 152%, 24 Karat Gold is used to boost radiance and the skin’s natural glow, Sensibright is used to generate instant and long-term brightness, Juveleven™ (Juvefoxo™) helps to rejuvenate skin cell performance by up to 10 years, Chromocare™ to help visibly improve tone and luminosity, Resistem™ to improve skin translucency by 60% and enhance skin evenness, Lime Pearl™ to accelerate skin cell renewal to improve smoothness and clarity, Micro-optics Technology to give instant luminosity and eliminate signs of fatigue and Actiwhite™ to improve skin brightness by 50% and target age spots.

Launching in May 2016, the Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Luminosity Range is a high performance range that will deliver comprehensive anti-ageing skincare benefits for a refreshed, luminescent and youthful complexion like never before. Available in selected Pharmacies and Farmers stores nationwide.



Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Eye Cream features Micro-optic technology, Actiwhite™, Chromocare, Lime Pearl™ and Juveleven™ (Juvefoxo™) formulated specifically for the eye area to brighten, lighten and revive.
Review : 
As I am getting older, I think the first thing that seems to be aging has been my eyes so when the opportunity came to try a product from one of my favourite companies, I was more than willing as  you can imagine.
The first thing you notice is the difference in the applicator (well for me it was different), which is great in the fact that it controls the amount of of cream that gets dispensed. The applicator I believe is supposed to be a contoured massage applicator, but perhaps I wasn’t using it correctly as while I loved it, I wouldn’t have called it a massage applicator. The cream itself is lovely. It has a great texture and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feel to your skin. I did notice a little bit of tingling after applying, but it wasn’t anything too major, but it was a first for me and left me wondering if it was meant to do that. It hasn’t deterred me from using it though and I’m not sure if I just don’t notice it any more, or if it was just something new I had to get used to. Either way it’s stopped.
I have noticed a slight difference in the dark rings under my eyes, and while getting older does mean crows feet etc, I ‘think’ they have lessened ever so much. I’ve like this so much that I have every intention of replacing it once it runs out.



The luxurious Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence combines Chromocare™, Resistem™, Lime Pearl™, Juveleven™ (Juvefoxo™) and 24 Karat Gold in a powerful, lightweight formulation that helps reduce signs of fatigue and stress.

OMG I love this…..from it’s cute little bottle and easy application, to the way it makes my skin look and feel.
The cream itself is a peachy gold kind of colour and absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother instantly. You are supposed to use this before applying moisturiser but I have to confess that there were the odd days I just used this and still loved how it felt.
I haven’t noticed a huge change to how my skin looks, but I have noticed how much better it feels , which leaves me to wonder if I’m just not noticing the changes.
This is another product I would purchase when it runs out, but you really need so little that it will last a lot longer yet.




The Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Cream is silky and lightweight, containing X50 Photoglow, Sensibright, Juveleven™ (Juvefoxo™) and 24 Karat Gold to assist skin homogeneity and colour uniformity, leaving skin looking refreshed, radiant and luminous.
A little goes a long long way – this is definately something that can be said for this product. I have loved Dr.Lewinn’s products for many years now and this is yet another that doesn’t disappoint. I love that I can use it both Day and Night and that it makes my skin feel so amazing. Used over the Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence, it really does make my skin feel younger and more hydrated although once again, I can’t physically see a difference.

Overall Impressions

Ideally I would love to buy these again as a set as they compliment each other so well.
The packaging gives you the feel that you’ve been invited into an expensive girls club where only the most expensive products are available, but while these products are all quality, they are also affordable for the average person
All 3 products made my skin feel amazing and I have definately noticed a difference around my eyes.  I often have red itchy skin (normally when something stresses me out) but I haven’t had that since I’ve been using these products which is a HUGE plus for me as I can be quite self conscious about it. My skin is softer and smoother and I just love how it feels.
The products above do not have an SPF in them, which perhaps some people won’t like but I guess I’m quite lucky in that I don’t burn easily and I have no problem allowing my skin the chance to have some vitamin D lol.

Would I buy these again? Most definately YES.
Thank you again Dr.LeWinn’s for having such amazing products that my skin simply adores

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