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Baking is one of the things I most like to do in the world. Most of the time I find it therapeudic to concentrate on creating the next masterpiece, although I have to admit that I find it more enjoyable to do when I have no pressure (like a birthday party) on, and I’m doing it just because it’s fun. Over the years my husband and I have created some amazing cakes for our family and while they may not be at a professional level, they have been loved by all who have seen and tasted them.

Add to that the fact that there really is nothing nicer than the smell of home cooking throughout the house, and you have a recipe for Happy Times.

Over the years, I have definately found  my favourite recipes that I like to make and then I start playing with adapting them for exactly what I want at the time. I have been attempting new but not always improved ways of doing things, some with amazing results, and some with not so amazing ones, and  it’s all been a learning curb. But at least I know that no matter what it looks like, it’s still going to taste great.

One of the newer things I’ve been having a play with, is the actual decorating of the various cakes, cupcakes, slices etc. I’d like to say that over the last year or two, I have perfected my decorating skills, but, well lets just say I’m still learning……It’s actually my husband that is the creative genius and him that has the patience when mine runs out



That’s where Dr.Oetker comes in.

With a huge variety of different decorating products, you’ll be popping out your own masterpieces in no time.

Check Dr.Oetker out on the following links



Dr.Oetker Products

Baking Ingredients –  From raising agents and gelatines to thickeners and glazes, the Dr.Oetker quality products will help you achieve even better baking every time.
Sprinkles – The Dr. Oetker Sprinkles range is the perfect way to add that special touch to all your home baking and desserts.
From classic Hundreds and Thousands to pretty Sugar Butterflies, our range of Sprinkles will delight all of your family and friends. Whether you want to add a delicious chocolate touch with our Choc Strands, or create elegant cakes with Chocolate Silver Pearls our Sprinkles are ideal for making all your home baking even more beautiful.
Food Colours – Dr.Oetker innovative Gel Food Colours help you to achieve greater control and flexibility when adding colour to your cake mixtures and icings, without affecting the consistency. From pastel to neon bright, any shade can be achieved using the easy use tubes for drop by drop dosage.
As some of the Dr. Oetker Gel Food Colours are natural colours, you might experience different results compared to what you are used to. Natural colours might not be as strong in colour and are usually not recommend for colouring huge amounts of icing.
Edible Decorations – From classic Hundreds and Thousands to pretty Wafer Daisies, our range of Edible Decorations will delight all of your family and friends. Whether you want to add a delicious chocolate touch with our Giant Chocolate Stars, or create your own personal designs and messages using our range of Decorating Icings, our Edible Decorations are ideal for making all your home baking even more beautiful.
Ready to Roll Icing – Dr. Oetker Ready To Roll Icings can be used for modelling figurines or covering cakes / cupcakes. They provide a smooth flawless finish and a sweet taste
Writing and Designing Icing – Dr. Oetker Designer Icings and Writing Icings are known for their quality and consistency among sugar crafters. Our Designer Icing is soft and easy to use to create a colourful finish. The Designer Icing is perfect to decorate cupcakes or biscuits.  Our Writing Icing can be used for adding a unique and personal touch to all your cakes, cupcakes and biscuits.
Surprise Inside Cupcake Centres – Our innovative Surprise Inside Cupcake Centres add a delicious, gooey surprise to the inside of your baking. Simply insert the nozzle into the middle of your cupcakes just after baking and squeeze into the heart of your cake.
Cut open your cupcake to reveal an indulgent centre that oozes deliciousness.
Mug Cakes – Our delicious range of Mug Cakes are perfect for creating an indulgent sweet treat in under 2 minutes. Dr. Oetker Mug Cake is convenient and suitable for most occasions delivering a delicious sweet taste to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our Mug Cake Range includes Rich Chocolate and Banana Bread, which were chosen specifically to enjoy on any baking occasion.




Now I went out and bought the Ready to Roll Icing Multi Pack (Red, Yellow and Black), the Ready to Roll Icing Pink and a couple of the Surprise Inside Cupcake Centres.
My plan is to have a play over the next couple of days and then report back to you with photos of my creations…..well that’s the plan, lets hope it all goes as expected haha.
I am no professional, I’m just a Mum who likes to bake for her family so don’t go expecting minor miracles, just really yummy food






Watch this space for our creations !!!!




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