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So many worlds in one!

Australia’s biggest theme park, Dreamworld, is bursting at the seams with happiness. Adventure can be discovered at every twist and turn from the Big 8 Thrill Rides, Dreamworks Experiences, Wiggles World, Tiger Island, the Australian Wildlife Experience and White Water World.


There is endless fun for both the young and young at heart, and millions of memories to be made from the moment you walk through the gates.

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  • Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera, Queensland 4209 Australia
  • Enquiries Phone +61 7 5588 1111
  • Gates Open 10.00am and close 5.00pm




Anyone who knows me, knows that Dreamworld is one of my favourite places to visit.

A place where you have some rides that are going to leave the heart pounding, and you add to it some of the most majestic big cats around, other amazing Australian animals, tonnes of things for the kids to see and do, well you just have a pretty fun day (or two) out for everyone.

Dreamworld is always top of my list when we visit Queensland, and each time we’ve visited, it’s been a new experience in one way or another. Sometimes there has been a new ride waiting to challenge the nerves, sometimes we’ve seen something new that has left an impression, and sometimes we have gone with someone new so have had the opportunity to almost see things through new eyes.

We’ve had days where we’ve just gone along to take photos, days we devote to riding the rides, and days where we’ve just gone to experience the day for all it’s worth.

Our last time visiting, we knew there were a whole lot of changes to be seen so it was going to be an almost new experience for all of us, combined with some of our old favourites and some ‘silly’ photo opportunities which we just had to take up. Being a Mum and managing a home and business, I often get caught up in what is what we deem as being ‘responsible’, but Dreamworld to me, offers us the chance to enjoy being a kid again. To have fun, to relax and really just take in all the moments that are on offer. Copy the silly poses of the characters, let lose and scream your heart out on the rides, even if you’re not scared, scream anyway, it’s a great release and you’ll just be another scream to the hoards of thousands, no one cares.

Madagascar Madness
Is an overgrown jungle where chimps hang from vines and penguins are on a wild mission with King Julien in charge. Be sure to catch the 20 minute Madagascar Live – Prepare to Party show where you’ll get to see all your favourite Madagascar characters.
The first time we saw this, we didn’t have our children with us, we were still compelled to sit and watch this and I must say I was totally impressed. The ‘hosts’ seemed to get right into the show and kids LOVED it and they also loved the fact that some of them were given the opportunity to interact on stage. 10/10 for this. I’m looking forward to taking my girls over next time and see what they think.

Shrek’s Faire Faire AwayIMG_6803R
A medieval fairytale land themed around the lovable ogre and his friends, and who doesn’t love Shrek, and the other characters that make up this section of the park. There are Shrek themed rides that the young explorers will love, and the option for photos that will have you laughing for years to come.
I’ll have to put up a link to some of the photo opportunities we took, they may not be the best technical photos, but they are ones that are part of memories that will live with us forever.


61655_429492632198_3520621_nTiger Island
Only at Dreamworld can you encounter the Majestic Bengal tigers as they play, wrestle and swim with their Regal Sumatran sisters and  human handlers on Tiger Island.
This is what all the pamphlets say and honestly it’s so true. There are daily shows that display these big cat’s strengths while leaving you falling just a wee bit more in love.

Tigers are one of my biggest loves ever, so Tiger Island is always a big draw card for me. I probably have hundreds of pictures of these beautiful creatures and I can stand there just marvelling in the magnificence of them even while they’re simply lazing around the Island. But whatever you do, do NOT miss the show. You get a real chance to find out what these animals are all about as their handlers show off huge teeth, claws while the tiger simply drinks his milk.
One day I hope to do one of the Tiger Experiences that Dreamworld offer. To be privileged enough to be allowed into a tigers space, well words just can’t describe what it would mean.

The Australian Wildlife Experience

Cuddle a Koala, pat a python (or if your game, have your photo taken with one),or hold a croc. Learn about life on the land with the Australian Sheep Shearing Show or just take the time to view over 500 native animals. It’s all here ready and waiting for you.
Despite living in Queensland for a few years, I had never held a snake, or a crocodile. I had fed kangaroos and held koala’s but my fascination for snakes didn’t quite over-ride my fear of them. It wasn’t a major fear but it was something I was a little wary of. However when we travel, we always make sure we do something we’ve never done before, so one trip, for me it was to hold a snake. Well, to be honest my heart was in my throat as nerves threatened to have me pull out, but I stuck with it and found myself holding a creature that I almost instantly fell in love with. No slimy skin, but an extremely soft leathery feel and I was a bit reluctant to give her back to the handler. Now I do it every trip and love it every time.

Wow, I really just  could go on and on about Dreamworld, but the reality is that it is something you NEED to experience for yourself. You will totally love it and so will the kids. My one piece of advice – Start early in the morning and be prepared to be there til the close and….make sure you prepare for wanting to go back a second day (at least)

Getting there is easy no matter how you plan to travel. It’s well sign posted and not too far from the Gold Coast.

Food – well like any Holiday Park, the food is going to be more expensive than going to your local take away, so be prepared because you WILL need to top those energy levels up, but I think in my mind Dreamworld at least has more variety of what you can buy than most of the parks.

Most of all……ENJOY the day. Have fun. Be a big kid  !!

Overall Rating from me ?
10/10 – We LOVE Dreamworld

Is it suitable for families ?
YES !! 10/10 there as well, can’t wait to bring my younger children over.


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