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Edmonds: Best of Baking

Edmonds is one of New Zealand’s oldest and best loved brands, one that is synonymous with kiwi home cooking and baking. It was founded in 1879 by Thomas Edmonds when he opened up a small grocery store and began making baking powder out the back of his shop. A customer questioned the superiority of his baking powder and Edmonds replied “It is sure to rise Madam” and the famous Edmonds promise was born




A beautiful collection of 130 modern Edmonds baking recipes – with every recipe photographed. The book is divided into four sections: ‘Biscuits & Slices’, ‘Cakes’, ‘Pies, Pizzas, Breads & Buns’ and ‘Christmas Treats’. The old Edmonds favourites such as Anzac Biscuits, Coffee Cake and Pavlova, are included as well as delicious new recipes such as Macadamia Nut and White Chocolate Biscuits, Panforte, and Feta, Olive and Sundried Tomato Calzone. Best of Baking presents simple recipes all written in the easy-to-follow Edmonds style.




Over the years we have all known and loved the Edmonds Cookbooks and I know that some of my favourite recipes have come from one of my editions (of which there have been a few). Possibly my favourite remains the banana cake which once again features in this new publication with some of our other favourite treats, but also some that I haven’t seen before, but that look totally scrumptious, as most of the Edmonds recipes often do.


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  • EDMONDS: Best of Baking
  • Author: Goodman Fielder
  • ISBN: 9781869713416
  • Cookbook
  • Published by: Hachette NZ
  • Softcover




Edmonds: Best of Baking

I have been a fan of Edmonds cookbooks since I was a teenager and started experimenting with baking. Although the Edmonds cookbook I started cooking from was great; I am in favour of the “Best of Baking” version because what appeals to me most is the styling with coloured photographs of each completed recipe throughout the book. The photographs first jump out at you and say bake and eat me!!! …but they are also favoured by a lot of bakers to show them how the finished bake should look.

The collection of recipes offers a variety of goodies which have been divided into four categories: Biscuits and Slices; Cakes; Pies,Pizzas, Breads and Buns and Christmas Treats. Each recipe is also listed in alphabetical order under the index section at the back of the book and provides you with a page number to easily find your preferred recipe. I am impressed with the shape and size of the cookbook and feel it is a good choice. The recipes are all easy to follow and I found the sizeing of the words a good size and very clear to read. One of the best aspects of this cookbook is that Edmonds is a New Zealand company and the baker in NZ can be content knowing that they will be able to easily source their ingredients for their chosen recipe and all the measurements are what we know and understand.

As a baker I will pick up baking cookbooks to browse through and sometimes I will only find a couple of recipes in one book that will tempt me into the kitchen to bake them but the “Best of Baking” has a number of my favourite receipes as well as recipes I have never come across before that appealed to me. A couple of my all time favourites are Ginger Crunch, Russian Fudge, Melting Moments (although I call them Yoyos) but I could list so many more….. I personally love the collection put together in this book and I feel a good popular selection has been included.

When I bake now I choose to tweak the sugar content of recipes as most I don’t feel need as much as is stated in the recipe and when there is also other sugar added like golden syrup or sweet dates, sultanas etc. When I made the Anzac biscuits out of the book I change the sugar from ½ cup to 1/3 cup and they still tasted great and had enough sweet taste to them. There is a Sultana Cake recipe in the book that has 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of sultanas and this sounds crazy to me but I have not made the recipe yet and it will be up to the reader/baker to follow the recipes or change them to their liking. It would have been great if there were tips included for the baking but as most of us know we learn as we keep practicing and it depends on the oven we use.

This is a book I will return to often and I believe will become a favourite with new and long time home bakers everywhere. I would highly recommend this book and feel it would suit people of all ages.

Review by Helen
July 2016





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