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Farrah Wraps

FarrahWrapsLogoThe Farrah Wraps are a passionate team who are committed to delivering you only the freshest and most versatile wraps that are made right here in New Zealand. THeir focus is quality, and that’s why they guarantee to deliver you and your family a range of wraps that ‘won’t crack, won’t split when rolled’. Be sure to tell all your friends and family about your Farrah Wraps revolutionary experience.

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Garden Spinach Wraps


Multigrain Wraps



Roasted Pepper Wraps




The Wellness Range is a great range focused on being an even healthier option as it is low in sodium, high in fibre and a good source of Omega 3, available in High Fibre White and Sunflower & Linseed.

The  Premium White Snack wraps are super soft and are a perfect size for children’s lunch boxes


Perfect to accompany your Friday night curry – Garlic & Herb Roti usingFarrah Wraps!
6 Farrah Wraps
50g butter, softened
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 tbsp fresh parsley, finely chopped

How to make:
In a bowl, mix together the butter, garlic and parsley.
Heat a frying pan big enough to hold a wrap, add ¼ of the butter mix. Place one wrap on top of butter as it melts.
Fry the wrap in butter, turning occasionally until both sides of the wrap are golden brown.
Repeat with the remaining butter and wraps.


  1. Review 1

    So i was lucky enough to review the garden spinach wraps which have 6 large ones in the pack, i used them fresh for chicken wraps and they were great they give a slight almost pesto taste to what your eating and i really liked it was also another sneaky way to get another vege into my kids, being only 20months and 3 they found them hard to eat as a wrap and next time i would use them as more a pizza base as they crisp up great and the pesto taste would add to any pizza, i learnt they crisp up when i next tried the premium white snack wraps which are more a dinner plate size with 8 in the pack and slightly thinner i used these in a grill press one on the bottom a mince mixture and cheese and then another on top till they were crisp almost like a pizza with a lid. Eather way my kids ate everything i gave them and it made a supper easy dinner. i think they would be better then the spinich wraps if you were just eating them fresh beacuse of the size and also being just that much thinner when you fold the ends up you dont get that massive bulk of wrap to eat. i found that they didnt crack and also had frozzen and defrosted the snack wraps and they came out of frezzer so fresh still it was great i was supper happy and would by both again depending on what i was going to use them for next i have the multigrain to try will post my opinion once eaten!

  2. Review 2

    I was lucky enough to be picked to try these Wraps, and all I can say is yum!!!
    They were perfect size for a meal and the snack size was a perfect size for my children. I had never purchased wraps before, so I wasn’t too sure if my kids would like them, but they loved them.
    They did as they said and didn’t split or crack when rolled and they also toasted really well. They also stayed quite fresh in their sealed bags which I was pleasantly surprised by. We had the Fire Roasted Pepper flavour and it was beautiful.
    I will definitely be purchasing these as they make a nice alternative to sandwiches and you can’t beat New Zealand made. Thanks for the opportunity to try them.

  3. Review 3

    I was so lucky to get to try these wonderful wraps.
    I got to try the Sunflower & Linseed, the white wraps and the premium white wraps..
    I really loved the wraps and I had chicken pieces with cook and coat on them with lettuce and tomato. On the first lot, I tried was the sunflower and linseed one. I didnt think it had much flavour but being healthy I didnt mind.
    They are really good defrosted from the freezer. When I got them, what I did was open the pack and put lunch paper in between each wrap so it was easier to just take a couple out each time as we didn’t need a whole pack at once.
    They are a great size and so healthy
    I would recommend these to all I know. and they are found at both my local supermarkets which was an even bigger bonus, as being in a small town we don’t always get all the wonderful items that available.
    thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to try these..

  4. Review 4

    I was lucky enough to get to try these amazing wraps.
    I used the plain white ones as standard wraps filled with salad and chicken I was amazed at how soft they are and even with far too much chicken in my wrap they never split. With the fire roasted pepper ones I used the recipe on the back of making a basket (just like my favourite meal at Denny’s) this was brilliant filled our baskets up with salad and crumbed chicken my fussy 2.5 year old loved the idea that she could eat her plate.
    I found that they kept well in their sealed bags as well as tasted fresh from the freezer.
    I highly recommend these so much so that I have already purchased them and have gotten my family and friends on to them as well.

  5. Review 5

    My family got the chance to try these wraps. I had the garden spinach, plain and wholemeal to try.

    These are a nice moist wrap that makes rolling into wraps easy. I love wraps but quite often do not use a whole packet in one go – so try to freeze the remainder. With other brands I find that they stick together and crumble once thawed, however Farrah wraps defrosted very well and did not stick together or crack due to drying out in the freezer.

    I was impressed with the texture of the wholemeal wrap. I was a little disappointed with the spinach wrap as I did not feel that it tasted any different in a wrap to the plain one.

    I will definitely be purchasing this brand over others from now on.

  6. These are really good and the best thing is the do not become brittle after opening! They taste really good but not overpowering just a hint of the flavour they suggest. They keep their sahpe as well, they dont go soggy.

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