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Farrah’s Snack Wraps

We all love receiving treats in the mail (makes a change from those bills), so when I had a package turn up yesterday I was just a wee bit excited as I wasn’t expecting it and it had no infortmation on it about who it was from…….it was a secrect ūüėČ
Ripping into the paper the excitement continued when I saw what was inside….the NEW Farrah’s Snack Wraps


We struggle a bit over Summer with meals because no one wants something that is going to sit heavy in your stomach later making you feel like you’ve just put on 10kg with one meal, plus, with the heat (it is coming apparently) we also don’t want to be having the oven on for periods of time¬†either to create¬†a meal for the family because then the whole house just feels stuffy and confining….

Enter……..Farrah wraps!!
Suddenly you have a whole heap of other options available to you.

Farrah’s have enabled us to create¬†quick and easy meals using the various products¬†that are available, and you really are limited only by your imagination. You can fill a wrap with your favourite salad items to provide you with a nutricious and tasty lunch/dinner. You can do the same (or simply fold one in half) fill it with the treats you’d normally put in a toastie sandwich (I love chicken, cranberry and cheese) and you have a treat similar to a toastie but ohhhhhhhhhh so much better. You can use the wraps to pop on your favourite pizza toppings, or use¬†them like a na’an bread with your indian food, or cook them slightly to have with a dip. Seriously there are so many more options that you could do.

But…..this time around we are looking at the fun new Snack Packs which¬†are a part of the new Farrah’s Kids Range, complete with its own monster characters ‚Äď Sprigs, Gizmo, Sprocket and Axel. This new Kids range includes the traditional white wrap and an additional flavour; Cheesy Snack Wraps.
Each pack contains eight wraps, the perfect size for little hands and school lunchboxes.

I find it so hard to try and change things up for the kids at lunch time and try to keep things healthier as well. There is some real crap out there that I have used at times, just to fill them up but I always find myself feeling bad at some of them.  The fact that more and more healthier options are become available and I am becoming a MUCH happier mummy.

These are so good for children that are on the go, my kids love wraps but the bigger ones are just a bit more clumsy for their small hands, but the snack size are just perfect so I am really looking forward to being able to add these to the lunchtimes of my little darlings (I do use that term ‘darlings’ loosely)

As well as all of this,Farrah’s make all of their wraps and tortillas right here in New Zealand with state of the art equipment to provide consumers with good quality wraps that don’t split or crack, while still making them the traditional way, over an open flame.
So you get the best product AND it’s NZ made





We’re monster mad for our Farrah’s Kids Range Cheesy Wraps. Made with natural cheese flavours these fun, versatile and tasty wraps are perfect for little hands,¬†lunchboxes and pizzas!








We’re monster mad for our Farrah’s White Snack Wraps. These fun, versatile and tasty wraps are perfect for little hands and lunchboxes!




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I bought some more of these amazing wraps to take with us to Rotorua and just put tomato, ham, cheese etc in little containers to go in a mini chilli bin. Once we got there and had a bit of a swim etc, the kids were starving so out came the wraps and the goodies to go in them and almost instantly we had lunch for the kids that they totally loved.



Some ideas for wraps….I’d like to take credit but well I google like everyone else when I want to find other flavours

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