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Farrah’s Wraps

The Farrah Wraps are a passionate team who are committed to delivering you only the freshest and most versatile wraps that are made right here in New Zealand. THeir focus is quality, and that’s why they guarantee to deliver you and your family a range of wraps that ‘won’t crack, won’t split when rolled’. Be sure to tell all your friends and family about your Farrah Wraps



Farrah’s NEW Garlic Butter Wraps have just made meal and snack times easier!  You can fill, fold, wrap, stack or bake – delicious anytime!

Enjoy the new tasty garlic butter flavour Farrah’s have developed using real garlic and butter. These wraps really define a new way to eat an old favourite. For consumers who love the likes of garlic bread but are avoiding conventional bread, this serves as the perfect alternative. They are perfect when paired with spicy food, shared at a BBQ or simply used for that extra flavour that delights your tastebuds!

Farrah’s NEW Sprouted Grain Wraps with added ancient grains is a delicious new healthy wrap for you to enjoy. It is made using sprouted grain flour which when compared to whole grain flour is higher in B vitamins. The wraps also contain ancient grains, Quinoa and Amaranth, which are grains that are largely unchanged over the last several thousand years – often these are more nutritious than refined grains. The wraps are a good source of dietary fibre, a source of protein, low in sodium and also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Perfect for any meal time.

What is a Sprouted Grain?
Simply put, there’s a transitional period in the life cycle of a grain, right after it has started to sprout, but before it has developed into a fully-fledged plant, that is when it is considered to be a ‘sprouted grain’. As the grain sprouts, it begins to turn into a plant. The sprouting process breaks down the starch and protein present in grain which increases its digestibility. Sprouting also improves the protein quality of grains, and increases their B vitamin and fibre content.

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Lunch yesterday involved 2 of my most favourite things Farrah’s and Barker’s of Geraldine

Farrah’s newest favourite wrap ‘Garlic Butter’ was sent to us to try and I have to admit that I’ve been drooling at the mere idea of such a yummy flavour, incorporated in the best wraps around. But, with a house full of people, trying to get photos was like arrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh because it seemed that my bench was physically incapable of being tidy.

But, I could wait no longer……

As soon as the bag was opened, there was a hit of the flavour that was about to tempt our tastebuds, and you just know with Farrah’s that you’re not going to be disappointed…..needless to say we weren’t.
Decided to try some of the Barkers Spiced NZ Apricot & Mango sauce as a base for some cheese and chicken as that just seemed like a pretty good mix to me.
Put it together, folded the wrap in half and placed it in the sandwich press.
Seriously, such an EASY treat to make and it just tastes bloody brilliant. OK, so it’s not as pretty as some meals, but guarantee, you’ll love it.

AND……I loved it that much I’m going to be buying a lot more of the wraps, so watch out for some other ideas in the future





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