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Finding Deals




Often planning a trip brings to the mind the incredible cost that it can be, but with careful planning, you can find yourself some really great deals.



First of all Accommodation:
As soon as you know you’re going to be travelling (and when), keep your eyes out on websites like

These both have amazing deals that change every day so just keep checking back over and over until you know the sites like the back of your hand.
For our last trip, we were able to book a place via Wotif and although it was budget, it suited our purposes which was to provide a roof over our heads and a bed to sleep in at night. We got an amazing deal for a 2 bedroom apartment.


About 2 months before we knew we were travelling, we started watching the ‘daily deal’ sites in Australia.
My favourite site was Living Social and we bought a couple of things from there. They were easy to use and I found it the easiest site to navigate and find the kind of deals we were looking for (food and activities)
But, there are lots of others

Those were the main 4 that we looked at, but if anyone knows more, please email us and we can add them to the list.


Another thing we found AMAZINGLY helpful was that we bought the Gold Coast Entertainment Book. At $65.00 NZ we used a lot of the coupons and saved a small fortune.
You can purchase these through Family in Focus  HERE

If you want to look through the current 2015/2016 to see the deals, check out the link HERE

We saved $50 on one dinner alone, a heck of a lot on Car Rental, not to mention the other things we saved

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