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Fitbit – a few months on


October 2015




The Novelty didn’t wear off

I can’t believe I’ve had my Fitbit for over 10 months now. I can’t imagine it not being a part of me, and my awareness in all honesty.
Due to issues with my feet,  I have had to decrease the time spent on my feet and this has inpacted a bit in how my fitness regime has progressed. However, once again, the fit bit has a pace that is right for you, and I regularly check my progress throughout the day, although it’s not very often I hit the 12000 steps any more, which is a bit disappointing. Hopefully once I have have my issues with my feet sorted, I can get back on track. Also, my husband had his second back surgery which has meant no partner with which to compare (and compete).
HOWEVER….. due to me wearing my fitbit constantly, I have had several friends who have also gone out and purchased one, so I now have them on my dashboard to compare with..






I still absolutely love my fitbit. I love that while not 100% active, I can keep an eye on things, plus I have a watch, an alarm and I feel like I’m still being proactive in regards to doing things






Would I still recommend the Fitbit ? 
Most definately yes. In fact I have.
Even when I was in Australia, I had several people stop and ask me about it, and how good was it ‘really’
I love that I can tell people honestly that it’s AMAZING…
I love all that it represents, and all that it is helping us achieve.

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  1. I have a fitbit zip (the tiny pedometer one) and am wondering if an upgrade for Christmas might me on the cards. I do love it though and recently discovered the option to challenge your friends. Glad it’s helped you guys though, sounds like you’ve had a rough time!

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