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Fitbit Diary – February


February 2015



More than a bit delayed in posting this up here, but life just seems to get busier and busier and watching my numbers on my Fitbit, more than shows this (actually it’s kind of scary)

The Novelty didn’t wear off

Honestly when I first got my Fitbit, a part of me wondered how long the novelty would last. Would it keep the motivation going ? Or would it fizzle out like a lot of things have in the past.

I think because you can keep things set at a pace that is right for you, even when you’re not trying, you still find yourself checking your steps etc throughout the day and if you’re getting close to your target, it’s just a little push that keeps you going.
I still found myself hitting the base of 12,000 steps most days, but on the days that I didn’t quite hit the mark, I was actually almost disappointed in myself and made sure that the following day I made more of an effort.

Being back to school meant that by 9am each morning we had already hit 5000-6000 steps so reaching the end goal of 12,000 wasn’t really that hard so we would push for other little achievements. Trying to complete our evening walk in a quicker time, trying to do more hills etc, although these continue to really push me and some days especially I really struggled. BUT….no way was I going to let my husband do better than me. I’m guessing he would have the same mindset because from day to day we seemed to be ahead of each other, but only for brief periods of time and I guess this is part of what pushes you.





I still feel that this is one of the best inventions to come into our lives, and if anything happened to it, we would definately purchase another one although I don’t foresee anything happening to mine…..I love it too much.





Would I still recommend the Fitbit ? 
Most definately yes. I love all that it represents, and all that it is helping us achieve. Now if I could just make that healthy food taste as good as my treats, I’d really be on a roll

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