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Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Heart Rate + Activity Wristband:



This heart rate and activity tracking wristband is built to capture your movements and health patterns all day long. Easily monitor your heart rate so you can maximize your workouts, learn about your sleep quality and monitor progress on your goals.

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 Product Features

  • Automatic heart rate monitoring

    Whether you’re working out or resting, this wristband accurately measures your heart rate with LED sensors that detect blood flow in your wrist.

  •  Maximize training with heart rate zones

    Know when to speed up, slow down or maintain your intensity.

  • Get motivated with instant personal stats right on your wrist

    Accurately track your heart rate, steps taken, stairs climbed, calories burned, distance traveled and active minutes.

  • Check your stats, even in low-light conditions

    The backlit digital LED display offers a clear view no matter the lighting.

  • Discover your sleep patterns

    Monitor how long and how well you sleep. Wake peacefully without disturbing your partner with the silent, vibrating alarm.

  • Designed with comfort in mind

    The textured band is durable enough to withstand rain, the shower and your sweatiest workout, and comfortable enough to wear while you sleep.

  • Free online tools provide a network of support

    Monitor your progress online with a customizable dashboard equipped with tools, charts and graphs so you can visualize your progress. Log your workouts and meals for insight into your daily habits.

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  • Challenge your friends and celebrate progress for extra motivation

    Share and compete with your friends and family in challenges and on the leaderboard. Earn Fitbit badges and milestone updates.

  • Get call notifications on your wrist

    Caller ID displays incoming calls from your phone, keeping you connected on the go.

  • Track your runs, walks and hikes

    MobileRun provides real-time distance, time and pace stats on the display. Sync with your phone to review routes, split times and workout summaries.

  • See real-time progress by syncing wirelessly with smartphones and computers

    Automatically syncs with select devices, saving you the hassle of having to connect cords or manually enter data.

  • Small size wristband for a comfortable fit

    Adjustable circumference gives you just the right fit.





  • Rechargeable battery

    Lithium-ion battery allows for convenient recharging without the hassle of buying and installing replacements



One comment

  1. I love these things 🙂
    What more do I need to say? I’m not really the most motivated person, in fact give me a reason not to do something and I will jump on board, Why do today what others will do tomorrow, and all those other things that can be said :/
    However with this wonderful little device I find myself pushing myself to walk further, climb more stairs get my heart rate up and burn more calories.
    With a serious back injury requiring surgery, I found that I have put on a lot of weight and am struggling to get it off again. This strikes a serious blow to your motivation. With the FitBit HR the motivation comes in the form of competition, with yourself( to do better than last week) and others as you try to beat or stay ahead of friend you have added to your online dashboard.

    This device is extremely easy to set up, plug it into your device( computer, smart phone, tablet etc) and head to and it installs everything you need including the dashboard. At the dashboard you can adjust your goals, log your food and water intake, check your sleep patterns etc. To help motivate you even more there are even goals to reach with online badges.

    The only real negative to this device is that it’s not waterproof, But that doesn’t change the fact that it is one thing that has changed the way I look at and live my life.

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