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It’s always nice to try something different, but these days with increased spending costs and family budgets being pulled even tighter, we’re a little less willing to try something new in case we don’t like it, and it’s money down the drain.
We fall into the rut of continuously buying what we know and love because quite simply……it’s safe.
But in trying new foods lies the thrill that you could taste, cook, create a whole new experience and have the opportunity to share it with others.
Worst case scenerio is that you try something really disgusting……..so what, you just eat something nice to eliminate the taste. Your tastebuds are not going to jump out of your mouth and leave you forever and believe it or not, your stomach will eventually forgive you, probably within a few seconds of eating something you really enjoy which could just be the ‘second’ new thing you try.

I constantly look around the supermarket and other stores, as well as current magazines and I’m always amazed by the new (and sometimes improved) products that are on the market.
I totally adore going to the Food Show as this is just one of the most amazing ways to try new food/drink, without upsetting the budget toooo much. So many aroma’s, taste sensations and experiences in one place, oh my goodness how could you not enjoy it.



OK so I’m not the healthiest eater. I love chocolate and most things sweet and I don’t always adhere to the rules of not eating sweet things late at night, but lets face it, we love those tempting treats that we know aren’t good for our diets, but are oh so good for our souls. They simply complete us and everything in moderation is a motto I live by (although those two cupcakes I just ate might disagree…oops)


But over all, my family have a good breakfast and we love winter because those big bowls of hot porridge simply melt the heart and we all totally love them, my children take a pretty big lunch to school including the odd packaged treat, but also a couple of pieces of fruit (they all love their fruit),maybe some carrot sticks, some sandwiches, a couple of biscuits and/or a homemade slice of cake or a cupcake. Add to that the fact that one of my girls is obsessed with tuna and often takes a tuna and crackers pack in her lunch and you have a relatively healthy lunch.

And dinner ranges between meat and vege with the the odd pasta meal, the odd fried meal (yes I love my fried eggs and tomatoes especially) and once again, things are in moderation.

I guess in this I’ve kind of gone on a bit of a side tangent by explaining our food habits but I’d like to think we’re an average family, have an average budget and eat……..averagely
We love trying new things but like a lot of you, we tended (in the past) to stick to the same kind of foods, same companies, same meal ideals, because there was always the fear that ‘we might not like it’, or ‘it could be a waste of money’ and I hate wasting both food and money.

This is where Family in Focus has come in. We’re always on the hunt for new products, new taste sensations that we can pass on to our members so they can then make decisions based on those new products that they have actually had the opportunity to try. Whether you love sweet, sour, spicy, mild, bitter, tangy, or one of the many flavours out in the world, there is always new tastes for you to discover and fall in love with.
Food can make us feel alive, it can be adventurous and fun, but only if you let it




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