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Geek Think – 1st Post

When my husband bought his first Vinyl Pop, I had no idea that this was going to end up with us both starting an obsession which quite literally could go on for years. We have both loved Marvel for as long as we can remember, with each of us having our favourites, but Guardians of the Galaxy had some characters that we had both taken to heart for their personalities, and well Rocket is just plain adorable (but don’t let him know I said that). And so Rocket Raccoon was our first addition to, well our obsession.
He’s available on Mighty Ape HERE








At the same time as Rocket was purchased, we were also shown a pretty damn awesome Fabrikations version of this awesome raccoon, and of course it became compulsary to order him, and I have to admit, he has become one of my favourites. When we eventually picked the Fabrikation Rocket up, we also picked up Ronan from the same series at the same time.



RonanIt was about this time that we realised…….we needed to complete the Guardians of the Galaxy series at the very least so we started looking around to see what versions of the various characters were available……..oh boy was that a mistake. Suddenly there were our favourite characters out there, teasing us, taunting us, need I say……..calling to us.


What the heck have we got ourselves into.
Marvel Characters, Disney Characters, Star Wars, and Harry Potter have worked their way onto our list and short of winning lotto, this is going to be a slow growing collection, but one we are going to thoroughly enjoy collecting.




I have a few on my list that I want but number 1 at the moment is
SDCC Exclusive – POP Marvel: Ant-Man – Black Out Ant-Man
He’s just so cool, and he’s not going to be particularly easy to get here in NZ so he’s just that much more of a challenge.



We have also joined a great group CollectorCorps and will be getting the bi-monthly boxes, so we’re looking forward to a few more exclusives (hopefully).  If this sounds like you, then check them out and sign up. It isn’t NZ based so you could have a bit of a wait, but all good things take time (or so they say)



If you’re into this kind of thing,and why wouldn’t you be, there really is something for everyone. There’s cute, there are heroes, there are villians and there is so much more inbetween

Check out our collection ‘so far’  and watch it grow  HERE

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