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Geeky Goodies

Both Mark and I are avid fans of Sci/Fi and Fantasy and enjoy a variety of things that fall under these genre’s. The likes of Marvel and DC falls heavily under these categories and recently we have signed up for a couple of collection companies who enable us to feed our addiction.

The Ultimate Marvel Collectors Corp


We signed up for this last month, but the subscription time for the current one hasn’t finished yet(it’s bi-monthly), so we have a while before our first box arrives. With your subscription you have no idea what you will receive in your box of goodies, but from what I’ve seen so far, if you’re a fan of Marvel (and why wouldn’t you be) you’re going to be extremely happy. The picture on the left show what was in Junes collection, and was what convinced me I wanted to subscribe
See what we received HERE

The theme for the current subscription is ‘Secret Wars’ so there are so many things that could be included and I can’t wait.
For around NZ$65 per month, you get a box of Marvel goodies


Loot Crate


We signed up for this last month, and couldn’t wait for the first box to arrive. We had seen previous boxes so had an idea on what to expect, but with the Loot Crate, it’s all a surprise, so you don’t know exactly what will be in your delivery until it actually arrives.

The theme for our first month was Heroes 2 and you can read what we thought about it on our collection blog
For around NZ$45 per month, you get a box of goodies


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