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Henry Hugglemonster: Meet The Hugglemonsters

Welcome to the newest, happiest, most monster-rific spot on the map!

The wondrous land of Roarsville – where five-year old Henry Hugglemonster lives, plays and learns something “roarsome” every day. Together with his loving parents and grandparents, big brother Cobby, sister Summer, baby bro Ivor, and a town full of cuddly monsters, Henry embraces all the joys and challenges of growing up. Whether he’s helping his sister put on a show, setting up a hugglejuice stand or entering his monsterdog Beckett in a pet pageant, he’s always discovering new ways to be the best brother, friend and monster he can be! Packed with over two hours of song-filled fun, teamwork and adventure, Henry Hugglemonster: Meet The Hugglemonsters will make your preschooler roar for more every time


  • The Huggleflower / Monster Lullaby
  • Astrobrix / The Sore Roar
  • Promises, Promises / Fireworks Night
  • The Hugglejuice Stand / The Huggledance Party
  • Carried Away / Monster In Charge
  • Monsterpet Pageant / Ivor’s First Stomp

There is also a Bonus Episode from the new Disney Junior cartoon Sheriff Callie’s Wild West called “Horseshoe Peck / Callie’s Gold Nugget”.


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Henry Hugglemonster: Meet The Hugglemonsters  
NZ DVD Release Date: 1st July 2015
Genre: Kids/Family






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  1. My son has been watching Henry hugglemonster for a couple years now and loves it. Henry and his monster family show experiences that each person may go through from loosing his first tooth, wining and loosing races, how to deal with bullies and even have fun as a family, friends and pets. What I really like about the program is that the food the monsters eat is unusual and not food that some
    Kids even know about like Brussel sprouts as iceblocks and loads more. Cute kids program.

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