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Jelly Treats

I have been following a cool new page on Facebook called Dr. Oetker Baking Australia & New Zealand.
You all know how much I love creating yummy treats for my family and these guys have some awesome products that I have already been out and purchased….but that isn’t what this post is about (we’ll save that for another post)
Back in Decemember they put up a a link to a really awesome desert that just jumped out at me. I had previously posted about my Panna Cotta and Passionfruit Jelly dessert ( Link HERE )which was quite honestly one of the tastiest treats I’ve had in a long time, but these guys had a much easier option for those of you who really just want to throw something together a bit quicker. It’s almost the same as the recipe I use, but they simply use their Jelly mixes to create a rainbow effect…..and what kid (or adult) doesn’t like rainbows ?



See their recipe HERE




So using their idea and my Panna Cotta recipe, I set about creating some mini masterpieces for the kids to enjoy



I created about 12 little ones and about the same again of the bigger ones but I was going down to see my Grandson for his first birthday so I didn’t have time to take a photo of them with the final yellow layer, but you get the general idea.
It can be a bit time consuming (I had to make two batches of Panna Cotta) and you have to wait for each layer to see (hence why it takes so long), but trust me when I say, it really is worth it.
Another hint….spend the money and buy vanilla pods from either Heilala or Equagold. The flavour is so much better from both these companies. I used a cheaper brand for the second lot of Panna Cotta as I’d run out, and it was just no where near as nice.


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