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Our pure, healthy and natural freeze dried snacks have no chemical nasties! We are THE REAL THING!




KiwiGardenAppleWe didn’t want to change the world – we just wanted to find a healthy lunchbox snack our kids would actually like…

We took action when we couldn’t find the healthy yummy snack food we wanted to eat on the supermarket shelves. The “real thing” is exactly that – no preservatives, no added sugar, no gluten, just honest, crunchy goodness!.




Kiwigarden is a Hastings-based startup that uses freeze drying technology to create fruit and vege snacks for kids. Joanne Edwards and her husband Taine Randell are the parents-of-three behind the brand.



Review 1 – KiwiGarden – Sweet Corn




Love the sweet corn! My son who refuses to eat any kind of vegetable actually wants to eat them





Review 2 – Apple and Yoghurt Drops

The apples taste amazing so sweet, and the yoghurt drops taste as if they are naughty but they are nothing but yoghurt both my 3 year old and 1 year love these perfect for kindy snack and snacks on the go. Only issue I have is they never leave me any.


Review 3 – The ‘Lot’

I have to admit that I was skeptical when I saw these. I mean how can something that is dried, taste as good as the real thing ?

But, part of being a Mum is to try the different options that are available so I can offer my children healthier options. So, with that in mind, we tried all 4 products.

For me the corn was my favourite. Rather than being dry like I expected, it still had the crisp freshness that comes with a fresh product. That was my first surprise.

My next surprise was when I tried the yoghurt drops. Expecting a powdery drop, I was amazed with the amount of flavour that these tiny drops presented. They were so yum but now I have to be careful when I buy them as my 3 year old takes off with them and has no problem opening the packet.

My least favourite was probably the apple, but then I’m not a huge fan of apple so I think this is why because these were still extremely yummy and weren’t too chewy like some other brands can be.

All in all I was just so impressed that someone could be so concerned at providing healthy options for our kids, and manage to provide it in such a tasty way.

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