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Lascal’s Buggy Board

Lascal’s BuggyBoard
Summer family outings just got easier with Lascal’s BuggyBoard




Available from:
Baby City
Baby on the Move

Kiwi families can now go for family walks and outings without having to worry what to do if their older child gets tired only half way home.


Lascal’s BuggyBoard allows toddlers 2-5 years old and up to 20kg a great way to ride on the back of their smaller sibling’s pram or buggy when they get tired.

The BuggyBoard is perfect for tackling crowds and high traffic areas, especially when you are in a hurry, providing comfort, speed and safety – and sanity for busy parents.

The BuggyBoard has a universal fit, which means it is compatible with all push chairs. It comes in two sizes; Mini and Maxi – with the Mini recommended for umbrella strollers and the Maxi perfect for normal sized buggies or pushchairs.

The large anti-slip surface the child stands on has a side protection frame and provides a firm and comfortable platform for safety.

Big wheels and a wide platform mean there’s plenty of clearance for parent’s feet – and a quick release button makes it easy to connect and disconnect.

Lascal’s BuggyBoard is available at Baby City and Baby on the Move stores. The Mini has an RRP of $129and the Maxi $169



Wow we received the Buggy-Board on the Thurs arvo and we went away to Coromandel the following day… we took the package with us so Hubby could put it together while we were down there to trial it out!!!
Sooooo glad we took it, what a god-send it was!!
Sooo easy to put together, only took few mins and clipping it onto our Phil n Teds was a easy breeze!
My daughter loved it before it was even attached to Buggy We headed out to get a coffee up the road and she hopped on no problem and thought she was Queen Bee She felt really safe up there and wasnt scared to fall off as the board has a nice rubbery grip so her feet didnt move in the slightest. We walked a few mins and then I took a photo of her on the back and her wee sister in the front
I felt a little uncomfortable walking at first as was concise of trying not to kick the wheels… I did a few times and then it became more comfortable and more easy! My Mum pushed the Buggy for a little bit and she was a little awkward walking, and kicked the wheels a few times also, she wasnt so keen on it, but she doesnt push the Buggy much so understandable…..

I really like Lascal’s Buggy Board and def would reccommend it to other Mums with wriggly toddlers…. After a while it became natural and wasnt aware of trying not to kick the board We also have a Single Buggy which I will get Hubby to attach to tonight and see how it is on that one, its a Mountain Buggy and a single not a double which I had the Lascal’s Buggy Board attached too…..

I love its sooo compact and easy to have down and in use with Miss 27mths and when parked up at Cafe can clip the board up so its not in the way of others and people dont trip up on it…. Also its really sturdy and know she wont hurt herself on it, as long as she holds on….
We drove the buggy over hard and soft grass, no worries we also took her down to the beach and over soft sand was a little hard to push as you can prob imagine (this having nothing to do with the Lascal’s Buggy-Board, it was more the soft sand hard to push throu) but on hard, firm, damp sand it was a breeze and really easy and still fully in control steering the buggy etc…
So overall I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally love it and glad I had the opportunity to review this product…
A BIG THANKS to Lascal’s for supplying me the awesome Buggy-Board to trial and review to other Mummy’s and Daddy’s… and also Family in Focus for allowing me to review
You both ROCK and thanks for chosing ME

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