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Micro Chargers – The all new, must-have racing revolution! Simply choose your micro sized car, charge it up and get ready to race. The Micro Chargers quick charge technology only takes seconds to power your vehicle so you can take on your opponents in a race to the finish. Race at lightning speed on a micro scale. So fast, so small!



Day or night charge up and race for victory! Take the lead before the finish gate opens, first to the double burnout wins!

1 x Light Racers Track 2 x Light Racers Cars 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Collectors Guide



Time Track

Set your chargers aside and watch the biggest Micro Chargers race challenge yet with the Time Track set! Equipped with four lane chargers, you load your micro racer into a lane, launch your car, and race your opponents to the finish line.

1 x Time Track with 4 Lane Charger 2 x Exclusive Quick Charge Cars 2 x Stat Cards



After hearing back from a couple of our members about how much they loved these products, we decided that we would purchase a couple ourselves when they came up on special. At first it was given to my older son who was about 14 at the time, but it wasn’t long before we realised that this was something that the whole family could get involved in and it caused a lot of laughter around the lounge. Even more so when the cat decided he wanted in on the action. From there we decided to also get our 4 year old one of these, as he was totally enthralled with the set and it was just so easy for him to set up and use, and was something he could do on his own, or with his older siblings.
These cars take seconds to power up and let me tell you……they pack some speed behind them, which really did surprise me. They manage to get round the track a few times before slowing down and allowing for the next ‘race’
At first I was a bit concerned about the track itself because at first impression it didn’t look particularly solid so I wondered how it would hold up to my son’s antics, but so far, so good and believe me, it’s had a real work out.
I totally love these and we plan on purchasing more for both of the boys for Christmas so make sure you stay tuned in to see what the next ‘track’ will be.

Easy for children to do on their own
Extra tracks available to increase  the size of the overall racetrack
Extra cars available so the whole family can have one
Available at many different shops throughout NZ
Hours of fun for the whole family

We did find that the cars attracted dust/hair that would make the wheels stop turning so you have to clean them out
Cars are tiny and easily lost


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