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Miss you already


Miss You Already

DVD Date:   2015
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Writer(s): Morwenna Banks … (screenplay) &
Drew Barrymore … Jess
Toni Collette … Milly
Dominic Cooper … Kit
Paddy Considine … Jago
Tyson Ritter … Ace
Mem Ferda … Ahmed
Noah Huntley … Company executive
Jacqueline Bisset … Miranda


Miss You Already follows two best friends, Milly (Toni Collette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore), as they navigate life’s highs and lows. Inseparable since they were young girls, they can’t remember a time they didn’t share everything — secrets, clothes, even boyfriends — but nothing prepares them for the day Milly is hit with life-altering news.






I went into this movie expecting something along the lines of the infamous Bette Midlers’ Beaches but I really couldn’t have been more wrong. In some ways there were similarities, 2 very different personalities, 1 very hard storyline, but that’s about where it ended.
This is a movie that will have you laughing, but within a few seconds, will have you crying. It touches on emotions that many of us have experienced, and this can at times make the movie all too real, but I also believe this is exactly what they were aiming for, and even though I struggled with parts because of personal experiences, it told a REAL story both on the physical and the emotional levels. Part of me wants to say if you’re looking for a movie with hearts and flowers, then this isn’t the movie for you, but this movie does have heart…and it wears it for everyone to see.
For me, something was missing in the ‘lead up’ to the friendship, while it’s not that you don’t believe the relationship, but it needed something more, not a 5 second explanation. I really was left wanting more from this part of the story.
All in all I really loved the movie although I’m not sure I would say I enjoyed the movie if that makes sense. It is not what I would deem a happy movie, but instead touches on the relationships that are touched by that horrible disease


I would love to hear other peoples opinions on the movie because it is one of those movies that we will all feel something from.

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