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Mister Spears and his Hairy Ears

I trim and I trim and still the hair growsway past my knees, down to my toes …Nothing that Mister Spears tries can stop his ear hair growing – not even wearing a motorcycle helmet! Then a flash of inspiration brings the answer, one that leads to a big change in life for him and his cute cat Tiger. Another hilarious story from McMillan and Kinnaird Mister Spears and his Hairy Ears blends rhyme, humour and (hint) the birth of a rock star with delightful colour illustrations.






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  • ISBN: 9781877514845
  • Author:¬†Dawn McMillan
  • Illustrator: Ross Kinnaird
  • Ages:¬†2 – 6 years
  • Oratia Media


Dawn McMillan is a much-loved writer of children’s books and educational readers, who lives north of Thames. She has enjoyed a number of successful collaborations with Ross Kinnaird, an internationally recognised illustrator who lives in Birkenhead, Auckland. Their 2012 book I Need a New Bum! continues to be a New Zealand bestseller, and their 2014 book Doctor Grundy’s Undies reprinted even before it was published.







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  1. Mr Spears with his Hairy Ears is an entertaining book aimed at approximately 3-6 year olds, it is about Mr Spears who has a problem with very long ear hair! Our 6 and 3 year old boys through it was hilarious and really enjoyed it. It has been read daily since arriving.
    Mr Spears tries lots of ways to hide the ear hair including using sticky plasters and a motorbike helmet, neither of which work. In the end he uses his ear hair to create a rock-star hairdo and becomes a confident entertainer.
    6 year old Jacob loved the illustrations and would now like to read another book by Dawn McMillan called Doggy Doo on my Shoe!!

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