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Mother Earth – Brekkie on the Go

With Mother Earth Brekkie on the Go, busy people can now enjoy a delicious breakfast on the run. Made from toasted muesli bites and dried fruit and nuts, it contains all the protein and fibre of a bowl of toasted muesli. All in a handy, single serve pack. No milk needed!








Brekkie on the Go is a tasty and wholesome breakfast in a handy single-serve pack – perfect for busy mornings and eating on the run






        • Toasted muesli bites made from NZ wholegrain oats, nuts and seeds
        • Fresh, best quality nuts and dried fruit
        • No artificial colours or flavours
        • Fresh, best quality nuts and dried fruit
        • No milk needed

We had been looking at these products for a while as we’re ALL trying to start the process of making time for breakfast in the mornings. The kids are great but the adults never seem to have time. But I thought I would check with the rest of the family first before purchasing.
Personally I think they’re a great idea, life is so busy these days that if you can take something with you (and even eat once you get to work), it has to be an improvement. Add the fact that it’s healthy and well I guess you just can’t go wrong.

Available in 3 tasty flavours

        • Apricot & Almond
        • Cashew & Cranberry
        • Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate

So we tried the different flavours and came to the same conclusion about each flavour that as a whole, they could have used a little more flavour. The muesli bites themselves were missing the ‘boost’ that I was expecting from them. The nuts and fruit bits did add to the flavour but I would still like to see a little more taste involved. We were also a little disappointed in the proportions of fruit/nut/chocolate to muesli bites.
However in saying that, there aren’t many breakfasts out there that are bursting with flavour like I was expecting, so to be fair, overall as a breakfast on the go, they were pretty good.
My children ALL totally loved them and we have packed a few packets to take away with us as I would rather be able to offer the kids something like this than sweets to snack on.
All in all I would probably rate them a solid 7 out of 10


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  1. I’ve bought a few of these – and gotten them as freebies along the way – I love the idea of the breakfast on the go, as I get up early for work – and often don’t have time for breakfast. Something like this can be eaten while walking, on the bus, waiting for the bus – or whatever. In terms of convenience these score high marks for me! However in terms of flavour, I have found them a bit dry, and tasteless when not eaten with the little “extras” so I have ended up putting mine in amongst some other muesli, sunflower seeds, cranberries etc – and turned them into my own little scroggin mix for my morning tea rather than an “on the go” snack. They could do with a little sweetening, or some more fruity bits in the packets and then I think they’d be a lot better. I DO however continue to buy these when on special, as they are handy and convenient – and I find sometimes that’s what’s more important, as I said because I’m up so early for work – and being a teacher, I need all the energy I can get 😀 Would probably give these a 6.5/10.

  2. Haley McLaughlin

    I love Breakie on the go. I am not always a fan of a muesli bar but like the thought that I can pick away a a packet while working on computer or in a meeting. My favourite would have to be the hazelnut and chocolate – love coming across a piece of chocolate 🙂

  3. I was lucky enough to try some of these that cam in a Black Box (customer review programme where you get a bunch of stuff to try for free). Very surprised that the small packet is actually filling enough that I’m not hungry once it is finished. They aren’t the cheapest “breakfast replacement” type product on the market but I have bought some for those days where getting kids out the door as well as getting breakfast for myself just doesn’t work. They make a wonderful snack too (although not a whole packet!).

  4. Brittany Gibbons

    They are great for in the car snacks

  5. jesinths roberts

    Love Mother earth Hazel Nut and dark chocolate brikkie on the Go… awsome for that mid afternoon cravings 🙂

  6. I keep on hand Brekkie on the Go in Hazelnut and Dark chocolate for those mornings where I am short on time after sorting out the lunches, children, husband, two school drop offs, and in to work – realising then that I have not had breakfast yet. These hit the spot and keep me on my toes until lunch time. Thank you Mother Earth for making products I enjoy to eat as well as my family.

  7. Was lucky enough to get these as part of the Black Box promotion and they were a huge hit in our family. Have tried all the flavours but our favourite is hazelnut and chocolate. We like the packaging size, the healthy element with the oats and nuts and the easy way we can just pop a packet in lunchbox or lunchbox. Excellent source of protein and energy. So handy to use. Fantastic snack size packets great for weekend sports and lunch boxes, after school and after the gym.

  8. love the brekkie on the go when I have had not enough time to have breakfast or an afternoon pick me up. Also love the muesli bars (apricot is my fav). My kids love them too. Knowing that they are made with oats makes you feel fuller longer and they taste yummy.

  9. Stephen Mapstone

    Love the breakkie on the go , great tasting and filling and so convenient

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