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Mother Earth Honey


Mother Earth use natural, wholesome, quality ingredients sourced ethically, minimal processing and never any artificial colours.

Our philosophy is simple. We make delicious, wholesome food. It’s no secret how we do it either – great tasting ingredients and minimal processing.

That’s the Mother Earth way.

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The Mother Earth Honey Range


Flower. Bee. DONE !!

Mother Earth has captured nature at its most delicious by launching a new range of honey, made by NZ Bees

The range offers shoppers a choice of flavour, size and usefulness when selecting a natural and sweet spread


Choose from their Honey Range:

  • Mother Earth Clover Blend Honey 450g
  • Mother Earth Clover Blend Honey 950g
  • Mother Earth Manuka Honey 250g
  • Mother Earth Manuka Honey 500g
  • Mother Earth Liquid Honey 450g

How do you define these ?



Mother Earth Clover Blend Honey:
Is a light coloured, creamed honey with a mild, floral flavour.
Available in a 450g pot for the average household’s use of honey as a spread, and as a large pot for those using honey more frequently.






Mother Earth Manuka Honey
Is a more luxurious honey, known for its antibacterial properties.
With a distinctive, rich flavour, Manuka Honey is available in a little 250g just-for-me pot, and a 500g pot that’s perfect for sharing.






Mother Earth Liquid Honey
Is a beautiful, golden honey with a mild flavour, is ideal for cooking and baking, and is great for children.
Available in New Zealand’s first ever easy squeezable upside down honey bottle (450g), Mother Earth Liquid Honey features a non-drop mechanism – making it easy to drizzle the right amount of honey and leaving zero mess.


Honey is a sweet liquid made by bees from nectar they take from flowers. There are many types of honey, depending on which flowers the bees have visited. The different types vary in colour and flavour; generally, the darker the colour of the honey, the stronger the flavour it has.

  • Multi-floral honey is a blend of nectar from more than one flower
  • Mono-floral honey is made from nectar from one flower type and can
    have quite a distinctive flavour.

 To gather a specific honey type, the beehives are placed near those flowers!


  1. Store honey at room temperature rather than in a refrigerator. Keep it tightly covered and in a dry place
  2. Honeyed butter can be used to season cooked potatoes or vegetables. Mix 4 parts room-temperature butter with one part honey
  3. Tea isn’t the only hot beverage that tastes better with a little honey. For a cocktail that’s easy on the taste buds and guaranteed to warm you up, try a hot toddy – honey is the key ingredient
  4. Honey is rich in minerals and nutrients, and can give us natural energy and boost the immune system. It’s great for soothing sore throats
  5. When measuring honey for baking, first coat the measuring spoon with a small amount of oil so the honey wont stick
  6. Sometimes when honeyy is left unused itnaturally crystallises in the jar. Honey can be liquified by microwaving for about 30 seconds or in a pan of hot water over a low heat until the crystals dissolve. Make sure you remove the lid
  7. Honey can be used to sweeten soups. Try drizzling a bit of honey on your favourite spicy or roast vegetable soup just before serving
  8. Try using honey in your next salad dressing – honey, lemon juice, olive oil and friesh herbs. Divine taste of summer
  9. A drizzle of sweet honey is the perfect contrast to salty cheese, such as, a nice wedge of blue cheese, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with chopped pecans or walnuts
  10. Add a teaspoon of mild-flavoured honey to cream while you beat it. It keeps it firmer for longer


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  1. My 8 year old was the first one to discover that we had a new honey in the pantry (she doesn’t miss much) and so it was a requirement for her sandwiches for the day, to which we obliged.
    Well the first thing I noticed once she got home, was that for the first time in weeks, her sandwiches were completely gone. Normally I get the excuses about how she didn’t have time, but not in this instance, so to me that was a good thing.
    I asked her what she thought, and she told me she loved it and asked could she have it again so to me that means that she enjoyed it.
    Next up was our famous Buffalo Wings which have a spicy yet sweet flavouring that comes courtesy of honey so we decided this was a perfect opportunity to try yet another option of using the honey. We served out the Buffalo Wings at our recent Toying with Food event and basically they were completely gone, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the spicy/sweet flavour, so this was another win/win chance.
    We will be trying more options, so make sure you stay tuned

  2. I’ve tried the Clover Blend and the Liquid honey from these guys, I’m personally not a fan of honey on toast or anything like that – BUT I do love it as a natural sweetener in things. Baking, smoothies, drinks etc. The clover blend honey – was absolutely beautiful to me – a nice flavour; but not an over powering sugary taste. My jar of this has met my finger and the teaspoon a few times, and was the first to be used. My intention for the liquid honey – was to be used in smoothies, I thought being a liquid it would dissolve better in the drink and would be easy just to squeeze of the tube/bottle. However this was a disappointment for me – despite being a ‘liquid’ honey – mine was a solid. It is such a pain to squeeze out – so I just don’t even bother. I use the clover one for everything now – It’s almost gone at the moment, and will definitely be in my shopping basket when it is gone – I have also recommended to a few friends to add to their purchases. However the liquid one, is still full – and I probably wouldn’t buy it again. The idea was good, and the honey tastes good – it’s not as convenient as I would have liked – and spending 5 minutes slowly heating the bottle to get a little bit out; really isn’t worth it. I’m yet to try the Manuka one – but being that it’s in a pottle – I’m happy to buy it and try it out :).

  3. Mother Earth Clover Blend Honey: I first tried this when I ran out of honey and this one was on special at Countdown so bought it. it also stood out with it’s bright packaging. The family enjoyed the taste of the honey and the consistency was easy to spreed. We love honey on buttered toast and I also add it to marinades and baking and for all these things this honey has worked perfectly. I would recommend this honey on taste alone…..it tastes great!!!!!

  4. Honey is one of my most favourite things to eat! It tastes delicious and has great health benefits.

  5. Angela Pickering

    I love this honey even though the kids don’t want it in their sandwiches. I mainly use it in my baking to naturally sweeten things but do love it on hot crumpets.
    Also a heaped teaspoon of liquid honey mixed into cold water will stop cut fruit going brown and only need to leave it sitting for 30-40 seconds, give it a shake dry then Oack it into a small container – get more fruit eaten in the kids lunch now.

  6. jesinths roberts

    Love mother earth honey. Always have it in my pantry 🙂

  7. I love Mother Earth products and have tried many except for the honey but being of superior and natural products am sure i wouldnt be let down, all different flavours look and sound great so hopefully will get to try some soon!!!

  8. I love the liquid honey, no mess and no broken bread on honey sandwiches either. Lovely drizzled on pancakes and french toast 🙂 yummy!

  9. Teresa Markovitch

    Have not tried the Mother Earth honey range as yet. I do love honey in my herbal tea and in my cooking and baking. Must buy some next shopping day.

  10. My grandparents always had honey in their tea, and claimed that was the sole reason they never suffered from colds. I have continued this tradition with Mother Earth clover blend honey and sure the natural goodness in honey helps with my health. Thank-you Mother Earth.

  11. Try the Clover honey and the peanut butter on thin original rice wafers.Yum!

    Add sliced ripe banana with thr peanut buttet and sandwich together..too green a banana is not as good..has to be one where skin is bright yellow-even with a few spots.Delicious..have as a dessert.

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