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Mother Earth Jam



We make delicious, wholesome food.

It’s no secret how we do it either – great tasting ingredients and minimal processing.

That’s the Mother Earth way.
Mother Earth spreads into jam
New Zealand grows some of the world’s finest fruit, so it’s only natural that Mother Earth would use delicious, juicy New Zealand fruit in their first ever jam and marmalade range.
Mother Earth Website  Mother Earth Facebook Made in small batches and using simple recipes for a truly homemade taste, Mother Earth’s new range is packed full of high quality fruit sourced from across the country.

Mother Earth Jam and Marmalade range
Mother Earth Senior Brand Manager, Lyn O’Sullivan says, “Our new line-up of flavoursome jams and marmalades aligns well with our philosophy of nature at its most delicious.”
“We’re excited to bring the taste of New Zealand fruit into Kiwi homes all year round!” O’Sullivan adds.
Mother Earth jams and marmalades are not only delicious on toast and fresh scones, but can be used in marinades, stir-fries, glazes, smoothies or your favourite baking recipe.
The delicious taste of New Zealand is available in seven flavours: Apricot, Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry and Plum, along with Grapefruit and Orange marmalade.
The new Mother Earth jam and marmalade range can be found in the spreads aisle of supermarkets nationwide with an RRP of $4.99, alongside Mother Earth honey and peanut butter.

 Mother Earth Jam Image 2

I have 2 girls (and their Mum) who absolutely love Jam, but I’m almost embarrassed to admit that we have kind of become jam snobs. Gone are the days where we simply buy whatever is on special, although if I did, it might last longer. When looking for a nice jam you want something that is full of flavour, where you can physically see the fruit in the jam and that leaves you feeling like you’ve had real fruit on your piece of toast (or whatever else you’re having), and not a lump of sugar.
These jams do just that.
Now I haven’t tried all the flavours, but being that I can buy strawberry and raspberry and not have any arguements within the household (Ayla loves Apricot, Melanie loves Plum), I can safely say that if you enjoy jam, then you are going to LOVE these.


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